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Bigbulldog666 blog post

Just me being me

by Bigbulldog666, Feb/07/2019
are you SERIOUSLY looking for a HONEST, TRUE, HONEST, LOYAL man? seems like NOTHING but fakes! Broke arse women, Floosys, LIARS! on this site. yes I tell it like I see it. is that wrong? yes I am a Dominant. SO WHAT! I expect to be OBEYED! i AM non-Violent, a Buddhist CANNOT be violent! Terse? HECK YES! WHAT? you don't like it? PAH!Strong willed? Helooo!! CAPRICORN!! the pic is 100% real me genuine, not faked. Rolling Eyes
Comments [?]

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/08/2019

Do you not know what the word Dominant means? it is obvious you have a problem comprehending the English language. why can't a Buddhist be Violent? perhaps you should actually read up on Buddhisim and Buddhists especially as it relates to the Lotus Sutra. Sine you are obviously a Christian I have a question. Why is it a religion, supposedly founded on Love, peace and Charity is the MAJOR source of war, greed and hatred?

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/09/2019

Well, I accept your apology. The Lighting in my room is not good, the picture was off a webcam. Now you state that a person of any faith/practice can be violent, that is incorrect. A Buddhist who is Violent is not following Buddhism Shaka Muni repeatedly taught that it is better to be beaten and killed in the name of the Mystic Law and Buddhism than it is to ever raise your hand, even in defense of yourself, to another human being. Throughout history you will only find rare instances where Buddhism started a war, most recently WW 1 and 2 (Shinto, which ruled Japan from The days of the Shogun's) It is the Tireless Efforts of the Sensei of my Sect/Pracitce (the head of the Soka Gakkai International( Daisaku Ikeda to bring about world peace and harmony. To end war, Disarm all nations.Establish Kosen Rufu. and Propogate the Mystic law of cause And effect. To teach everyone about Nichiren Daishonin and the Thus Come One Shaka Muni. Yes I am Dominat, like the Majority of Capricorns. Stubborn as the proverbial mule. I have had my share of dark days, growing up in/around Long Beach California (one time being the only white family in a 5 Mile radius of the house, where we were firebombed). Hopefully you will look into the SGI, hopefully this response piques your curiosity. I end this with Na Mu Myoho Renge Kyo.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/09/2019

As to your other question on what i would do if a Woman disobeyed me or questioned my decision, consider that i will not even spank a child. i would explain why and sit her in a corner, take a way a privlige, make her chant Daimuku for a specific period of time. there are many ways to punish without hitting.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/09/2019

Hey Thrasymus let us start with the Bloody history of your no called "Peaceful, Loving,caring" religion. How about we start with the rape, torture and murder of Innocent Pagans and Druids. Then we can progress to the Crusades where Innocent members of Islam were again tortured murdered and raped. How about the Salem Witch Trails? The Spanish inquisition, Adolf Hitler, Bundy, David Koresh, Charles Manson, How about the enslavement (which the current republican(T) party is trying to re-establish) of the African Americans where they were stolen from Africa, forced to learn English and Worship Christ? How About King Richard who would ask "Art thou Methodist?" if you answered no you were Killed on the spot. How about Alexander The Great who put to torch the Library in Alexandria. How about JP Morgan and his Cronies Decimating the man who will go down as the greatest inventor ever Nicola Tesla? How about the Current "Traitor in Thief" who occupies the white house an is doing his best to become a Oligarch and a Dictator so that Vladimir Putin can conquer america without firing a shot. (Trump/Putin 2020 should be the correct sign)These are things that Buddhists abhor: Violence,war, greed, suffering and hated among others. and unlike Christains we actually LIVE it.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/10/2019

Christianity is a lower teaching that rules by fear, cajoling, force, Necrophathy, Bullying, and Hatred. It Preaches that there will be a final war against the "Angels" of "GOD" and the "Demons" of hell led by "Lucifer" Buddhism true Mahayana Buddhism (which i follow) teaches more along the lines of what Science has already proven as undispuiteiful fact, that life, all life, from the sub-microbial to us is Energy, and that energy can neither be created or destroyed. Shaka Muni the REAL Thus Come one Taught in the Lotus Sutra that he actually did not obtain enlightenment in this lifetime, but had been a Buddah for nubmerous lifetimes, and that simply by preserving, teaching or propogating the Lotus Sutra one would be born a Buddah in their next life. I heartily look forward to that! Tenderly I don't Fear your God. i stopped doing that when I was 13. Before YHYH was Murdered by the Jews he tried to teach that ALL are Gods ALL have the God nature in them and there was nothing to fear anymore. And Thrasymachus, again you are mislead as to True Buddhism. True Buddhism does not say to sacrifice yourself for the law of Myoho divulged by Shaka Muni in the Lotus Sutra and found by Nichiren Daishonin in Japan during the days of the Shoguns. but to Propogate it, revere it, teach it,preserve it, encourage others to practice it. That your earthly desires will eventually lead you to Chant Nam Myho Renge Kyo. The Soka Gakkai International, unlike Christianity, is not a End times CULT! we don't rule by the fear that if you do good things you will be rewarded in a "Heaven" or if you do bad you will forever suffer in a "HELL" neither of those exist.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/11/2019

Carolyn. Slavery was abolished by Abraham Lincoln, I never said I wanted a "Slave" I don't expect my woman to wait on me hand and foot, just to be more "Traditional" in the household role and again before you go putting words in my mouth that does not mean I would not support her career ( I voted for Hillary Clinton). I fell anyone, even if they have the "Consent" to do so, who would strike anyone, even a child, should never be let out of prison! I do, it is because I am a Boddisfa of the earth, I have awakened the Mystic law in you, I have tested your faith and it has come up lacking.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/11/2019

Thrasymascus, you "Confedaracy was defeated, get over it. it is time to for the electral college to be abolished forever, it is time to end gerrymandering and other Voter Suppression efforts by the republican('t) party it is time racisim was abolished. "There is only 1 race, the HUMAN race" tis time I reported you as a troll and got you banned.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/11/2019

Yes i can. As a Boddisafa of the Earth, A praticioner of the Lotus Sutra, like other members of the Soka Gakkai international, who's tireless efforts are to end suffering by all, by teaching them about karma, and Dharma as Exponded in The Lotus Sutra by Shaka Muni and later in Japan by Nichiren Diashonin, the Buddah of beginningless time, by simply typing the words Nam Myho Renge Kyo I have awakened the Mystic law in you. the ETERNAL mystic law, again exponded by Shaka Muni as he reveled the one Vehicle of Mahayana and predicted the downfall of all teachings not founded upon the Lotus Sutra. Shaka Muni was like a great Physician, what he taught and when he did teach was for a specific person or time or place. yes all Buddhist philosipys come form him every one. But it is in the Lotus Sutra that he Expouds the Mystic Law which is now awakened in you. whether it be in this lifetime or not, you will meet the Gohonzon. I noticed by your profile that you ar seeking gainful employment. well I won't force you, like a Christian would, but encourage you to try, just try saying out loud Nam Myho renge Kyo keeping in mind the type of employment you wish to achieve. if you are close to Mobile Al well the New VA clinic is going to open soon and they are in DIRE need of Psycologists, Psyciatrists, CNA's certified lab techs, Plebotomists, and possibly even ones I don't know of, but they need the help. and does not a man in a traditional type of relation expect obedience form his wife? hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Like I said i don't agree with all of B... not one bit. SM? not in this or any other lifetime. and when did I ever say I was a rich man? I have enough to support myself, i don't need a Caddliac car, even though I wish Elon Munsk would get off his high horse and invent a QUALITY full sized electric 4x4 truck, because I would purchase it.

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/11/2019

no it ios not. in the Lotus Sutra it is spelled Correctly Boddisafa

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/11/2019

then you googled it incorrectly i said google "English Translation of Lotus Sutra jakanape

By Gab, Feb/12/2019

I think its all about the mind setting...all these domination and expectation is a creation of a mind setting on how a person can be powerful in his thought by setting standards... it maybe right for a person's belief but it can either be wrong in other person's perspective too... and its obviously a kind of thinking that need to be CHANGED .. let me tell u honestly, as my personal view, Id rather live alone for the rest of my life than to have a dominating partner... why would I risk my life to someone whom I will never have a freedom to act accordingly on my will?..where is the human rights equality there if I allow someone to be dominating?... Not just because youre a MAN doesnt mean you can do everything even if its against to the will of a woman just because you expect to be obeyed..I dont think thats the right way of handling a relationship... Im sorry but if you continue to think that way, you will NEVER become every WOMAN's DREAM... SWEAR!✋✋✋✌✌✌✌

By Bigbulldog666, Feb/12/2019

and yet again 2 misunderstandings Gab and Carolyn. you have a right to your opinion but again you read into what you want, not what I say. it is TRADITIONAL for the man to be head of the household and Dominant it is TRADITIONAL for the wife to be subserviant. did ether one of you actually read my last post? I said CLEARLY I would support my wife in any endavor she wished outside the home ANY work, even President of the United States.

By Gab, Feb/12/2019

It is only said and its given that the man can be the HEAD of the household but that title should remain it there.. If there can be any act of domination then thats another story... there should be NO above from each other and thats the right balance of equality...

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