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mpjames blog post
hi it's me!


by mpjames, Dec/09/2019
*Rock Is Not Dead....It Just Smells Funny* Run To Japan; She's Not On My Watch; Sarah Victoria; Born To Bleed; Charley (A Legendary Asshole); Beyond The Pale Horse; Luigi's Widow; Victims Of The Future; Chasing Our Nightmare; Undressing Singapore; Step Into Liquid; Broken On The Wheel; *Lowering The Bar* Moving Up In The World; Kicked In The Heart (Yet Again); We've Circled The Egg; Upbeat The Skids; Canada, You're A Star; Lady Iscariot; Off To The Zodiac; Unfinished Songs; Don't Take Your Eye Off Of The Hammer; Stopped By The Snow; Wake Up (The Irish Exit);Evil Genius;*aAD nsvi* Mad At Adam; See Them Fly; Partners In Strange; A Ballad (...Sort Of); Meridian Landing; Lazing On A Bed Of Nails; There's No Need To Panic; His Life As The Obvious Moon; Wisdom Of The Waltz; Club The Disco Skunk; Put The Boot In; Serengeti Venus; *Duh!You Bought It* Wide Awake, Heads Up; Zephyr Express; Clever Girl; Find Your Way Back Home; No More Than A Blur; Gypsy: A Shimmering Ghost; ...According To Babbs; The Syracuse Car; Find 'Em Grind 'Em; Sunbonnet Oleo; Even The Grey Lady; Luxury In Hard Times;*Check Your Lips At The Door* Dress The Part; A Coda In Pictures; Friends With George; Tokyo Rising; Buy A Box Of Sin; Seven Percent Of The Fame Quotient; Out Of The Fifth Form; Cold Dark Chaos; The World Dares You; Free To Run Wild; Cruel Edge; Even The Boomerang Has Eyes;*If You Don't Like It, Then Don't Look* Move In Curious Motion; Forklift Blues; A Sad Day For The Bones Of Venus; Bats At The Ready; Madame Pierre's Wide Stance; She Moved On; Around The Crazy Jungle; The Bohol Caveman; We're Made Of Stone; Pretty Much, Stupid; Only Slightly Wired; Maxwell Etc.; *Doesn't Play Well With Others* You're In Satan's World Now; Lost In The Spotlight; Choke On The Easy Bit; Dysfunction In E Flat; Looks Like The Electric Chair; Zenith 9; The Beating Just Stopped; Calling Me Home; Fall Into The Vampire's Net; Drop Down If You Will; Backwards Go The Footsteps; Life In The Shadows;*The Qwerty Bros. Meet The Qwerty Bros.* Heaven Gets In The Way; Scared Of The Night; Key Will Change (Like It Or Not); A Day In The Life Of Lincoln Macabre; Codswallop and Hobstweedle; The Subway Has A Mind Of It's Own; Thundering Down Blind Alleys; Enter At The Top Of Midnight; Grace To Spare; Warm Up The Cheap Seats; Crushed Under The Weight Of Your Skeleton; My Heart Isn't In It Anymore;*Contractual Obligation* It's In There Someplace; Dropped In From Above; Lucky Sabotage; Muscle Memory; Auto Da Fe; Some Sad Far Away; Blackout Daze; Leave It To The Town Bull; Don't Expect Much; Missionary/It's Too Late, I'm Gone; Romeo Revisited; Calling Out Of Context;*You Say It Like It's A Bad Thing* Grandma's Parlor Snake; Purple Alley Of My Dreams; Consider It Over; Piano Full Of Mosquitos; Glow In The Dark Compass; A Visit To The Brain Farm; The Pleasure Of My Company; Normal Tubas; Dharma's Half Of The Rawlison; Slash Back From Here; Piedmont In The Dungeon; You Don't Seem To Want Me Around; The Blue Thumb;+Enter At Your Own Risk* Starts Off With A Bang; Tenement Yard; $200 Shakedown; Tierra Del Fuego On Acid;Equinox and Her Secret Life; Dawn Over Zero; The King Of Bellevue In Crisis; Myrtle In The Raw; A View From The Street; Lucerne's Yellow Violin; It Doesn't Get Much Dumber; Hudson Kickstand; Which Road Do We Choose;
;*The Qwerty Bros. Christmas Album* Screw Me(Like You Mean It); Yet Another Wasted Day; Guru Of The Sphinx; Where Good Times Go To Die; On To The Next Movie; Emperor Boulevard; Anxiety (With A Withered Second Glance); Throw In The Towel, Please; Pull The Plug On Jack; The Ersatz Mrs. Pegg; Sunday Driver; Eskimo Heart; A Matrix Of Double Umlauts;*Tastes Like Chicken...More Or Less* Fighting An Uphill Battle; Mercedes Blitz In Hong Kong; Nosferatu In Aardvark Sauce; Please Stop Me; My Veins Are On Fire; Drag The Bottom Of The Lake; Tell Me What It Means; Cars On A Mission; She Never Saw It Coming; I Came In As A Rat;f Don't Follow Kingdom Hall (He's Lost Too); The Click-Clack Of A Multi-Level Spectrum;* A Dish Best Served To Retarded Wolverines* Where Were You Then?; One Foot In The Desert; A Goddess Of Sorts; Mojo Cadaver; Wednesday's Triumph; He'll Never Learn; London's Revenge; C-76 Swastika; We Shall Kill The Old Way; Split The Volcano, Roosevelt; Mappe Of The World; Left Behind;*Him?...Again?* Come Back To Life; A Cappella; The Odd Part; She Sleeps Alone Tonight; Drawing To The Back Board; Buzz Me In A Deep Six; Crack Open The Walls; Get The Jump On Maggie; You'll Be Leaving Us Soon; Not That Guy; We'll See If You Care('Cos I Don't); There Are No Ordinary Elephants (Part 1); The Blues For Your Life;*Nowhere To Go But Up* A New Day For All; Beneath The Virtual Traffic; The Mayor Of Sovay Avenue; Jupiter English; Lazy Fat People; A Bizarre Interlude/Rearview Mirror; Kitchen Sink Drama (A Horrible Soap Opera In Five Endless Acts) Act 1: The Phone Won't Ring Up There, Act 2: The Dice: A Good Place To Start, Act 3: Saw My Wife In Two, Act 4: Mona The Navajo Headrest, Act 5: Count Scorpio's Sixth Input; The Magic Circle; All The Famous Monsters; Dare To Take The Collar; Alice Rain; Hold My Bloody Hand; *More Cowbell And Other Love Songs* Snap It Off (A Work In Progress); Down In The Vault; Let Me Out Of This Dream; Pushed Over The Edge; Consider The Stars Tonight; Ride The Frequency; Like Nothing I've Heard Before;In The People's Key; A Kiss From The Blade; Treachery At Work #3; Tuxedo Hill; Learn To Hate The Rest; *Insert Title Here*
After The Lazarus Triangle; King Massasauga; We Bury Our Lungs; Double Crosser...A Class Act; Edison Hanover; Jacqueline (The Sky Is Falling); A Friendly Warning; Love Turned Around; Ask Dakota's Sidewalk; Circus On The Freeway; Welcome To The Road; The Asylum Index; *More Singer/Songwriter Bullshit* Afraid Of Her Own Shadow; Indian Rope; Hit The Wall (Before It Hits Me); Take Me With You When You Go; Ogopogo/Gnu Dung; Here Comes The Short Bus; A Big World; Sam The Box; Watch My Money Burn; Linus Of Speedway; Go Out On Top; Inside The Murder Academy; *Adventures In Stereo* Sounds Like A Hit; Flash Me The Sign; When Odessa Screams; Sure Tastes Like Oxygen; Give Us The Gold; Commando; Life Among The Stones; Saigon Curves; Weird Little Taxi; Svengali; Bouncing Under Heaven; The Bell Is Ringing; *Scorpion Island* 4:51; Montague Square; A Heavy Fall; Quick! Bury The Hatchet Eli; Smile Like A Pyramid; Inner Sanctum; Victory Is Mine;Cherokee Flats; So Much For Suzuki; A Mean Ugly Thing; I Am The Shanghai Graveyard; Scorpion Island;*Hit The Ground Running* They Won't Play It Anyway; Alligator Skin; Cross My Heart; Eastern Gemini; Explosion On The Corner; Mortuary Runner; A Cricket In The Flats; Build To Suit; Leroy Will Inherit Dirt; The High Road; Stay Out Of The Revolving Door; Hickory Junction;*Dancing With The Lions* Say Goodbye To The Pavement; March To The Hill; The Haunted Man; A Right Fashionable So-And-So; Fire Under Gavin Hall; Let The Spirits Break The Spell; Hello Brooklyn; Edith The Third; Automatic In Slow Motion; Bad British Teeth; The Saga Of Israel (An Epic Arrangement; Blame It On The Earthquake;*Unfinished Songs Volume 1* Traveling On The Left Wing; Ebony Porcelain (A Scenario); Hang On To The Hook; Mr. Sapphire; I Hate Myself and What I've Become; As Big As It Gets; My Dark Place Is A Weapon; Take The Next Exit; Let's Wake The Sleeping Giant (And See What Happens); Nowhere To Go But Up; Deaf To Your Pleas; Hit The Ground Running; Lions In My Own Garden;
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