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mpjames blog post
hi it's me!


by mpjames, Oct/15/2022
203. Pinwheel Corners
129A View From The Street, Piedmont In The Dungeon, Madame Pierre's Wide Stance She Moved On, Life In The Shadows, I Came In As A Rat, Please Stop Me, Where Were You Then?, We Shall Kill The Old Way, Crack Open The Walls, The Magic Circle, All The Famous Monsters,Leroy Will Inherit Dirt, Lost In The Spotlight, Calling Out Of Conttext, Wonking In Tune, Clear Down To The Border, A Mosquito In A Gnat's World, Straight Past The Bouncer, Sideways Theme Song, Across The Pond, Get My Hour Together,Kind Of A Lot, Broadway Gets Me (Blah Blah Blah), Occult Primary, A Gothic Drama, Excuses (A Cautionary Tale), Drab As A Fool, Make It Stop,Tight Spaces, Falling Into A Degree, Pathfinder Bring Me A Robot, What Are You Doing Here?,No T-Bone But We Did Get Probed, That Might Not Ne My Problem, Anything Can Happen In Here, Covered In Paint (It's What I Do), Bowdlerize Me Yet Again, This Side Of My Arm Is Burning, A Carnivore In Vegan Clothing, It Is What It Is, She's Glad She's Gone, Quite Colorful For Three Years, Mock A Galaxy Far Away, Play The Spoons In The Treble Clef, Paint The Windows Shut, Do You Believe In Rugged Silence?, I Was Never Meant For You Anyway, I Didn't Sign Up For This The Next Great Adventure, Most Of My Enemies Wouldn't Like Me,Rise To The Top Floor, EKG, The Other Side Of The Prodigal Backbone, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of Me, I Can't Carry Myself To The Venue, It's All In The Fist, Giant Lips Over Easy, Pay Me When You Can, Hippocratic Oats, We Will Take Our Time, Passing Through, As Dull As Me, Finally Found My People, More Trouble Than You're Worth, Portrait Of The Rabbi As A Lump Sum, (I Can't Get Enough Of)Riding Your Coattails, Gone For Good This Time, The Jellyfish Glow In The Dark, Absolute Powder Collects In The Crevices, Somebody Has To Carry All This Baggage, Obscure Wet Blanket Spelled Sideways, I Barely Need One Balloon, The Psychic Told Me I Won't Have To Hurt You, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Follow A Rusty Nail, Reflecting On A Deep Elm, Not Supposed To Be Upside Down, Outrun The Coverage(If You Think You Can), Wet Paper Sack,10,000 Of My Closest Friends, Little Dignity, The Other Way Around, Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies In The Freezer, Hope For The Best, Not In This World, Terminal Dissatisfaction, Double Reed, You're Lucky I Let You Go, Round Windows On The Side, Chained To The Nearest Tree, Cozy Tea, It's Shocking What I'm Full Of (Not Grammatically Correct), Assume(Guess What Happens), Time Gets Away From Me, Wait For It, I'll Jump To Concusions If I Want To, The Lyre Plays Itself, Attack The Bottom Line,,Only Get Meaner, Sensory Deprivation, Start Taking Notes, Aggressive Strangeness, Guaranteed To Go Wrong, See The Writer's Hand, Bridge A Gap Across The Abyss, They Didn't Like That,Don't Know My Own Strength,Nothing I Can't Live Without, Can't Help Looking Strange, Ordinary Decisions, Nothing To See Here, Long Lost Gestation Period, Hysterical Blowhard, Quick And Relatively Painless, Answer The Call Of A Mahjong, Beyond Past Present And Future, Take A Look It's In The Book, Lowest Common Denominator, My Device Is Wet, We're Losing Light Here, Built For Taking Speed, Ancient Chinese Secretion, Think Whatever You Like, Deafening Foam Tells You Nothing, Put My "S" On The Line, You'll Never Believe What The Czar Said To Me, Next Thing You Know They're Killing Jack-O-Lanterns, Making My Mark, We Move In Pairs, When You're An Ocean Everything Nocturnal Remission,I'm Worth Keeping, Set Rotation, Silk Heirloom At The Beginning, Re-Purpose The Porpoise On Purpose, Stare In The Mirror And Thank Myself, Grin Through A Cat's Eye, Home Away From Home, Halloween (A Period Knave), Cross That Off (Cello Project), You Walk I'll Watch, That'll Create Some Silence, Throw The Baby Down The Stairs, We're Not Priceless We Can Be Bought, Time For The Cable Guy To See A Bandana, Occupational Hazard, That's How It Ends, Ladies And Germs Wave Goodbye To The Bossa Nova, The Cliff Makes No Promises (Most Of The Time), No Harm No Foul, Second-Class Citizens, Get It Out Of My System, You're Going Down Any Minute Now, Who's Counting, It Wasn't The Gadgets, Anchored In One Spo, Pixilate My Attention, Shovelling Sand,You're Getting Paid For This, Ringside Moisture, Why Go Down There?, I Can't Count That High, Choose You Over Your Circus Twin, Who Put The Bomb In "Bomp", Inferiority Complexion, Heavily Medicated Hourglass, Time Spent Slaying The Dragon, Her Teeth Are Dropping Like Flies, Just About Nobody Liked It, In Charge Of Your Port, All Eyes On You (Whatcha Gonna Do),Diminish Me If You Must, Fingersnaps And Handclaps Sound The Same, Prelude To Mach 1, Toss Up To A Pick-Up, Cultural Appropriation, Not A Clue To Be Had, Corporate Sponsorship, Coroner On The Market, My Roots Are On Vacation, Putting In My Time, Follow The Paper Trail, Entombed In Gauze (Minerva), Hated Every Minute, Table Of Doom, Springing From My Lips, Scatter My Ashes (Won't That Be Fun), Aerie Will Date Your Bruises, Leave The Polar Vortex(Chances Are), They Were Golden Now They're Dead, Don't Demean Des Moines, Run Up On Me, Blight For Four Eyes, Better Than Nothing, Everyone's A Chameleon, Four Down Three To Go, Art Nailed To The Wall, Your Green Eyes Are Crystal Now, The Apparatus Has Blades, They All Flipped, The Creepy Hug, Shoot Me To The Albino Academy, Mixing My Pantheon, No Way To Make That Easy For You, Watch It Play Through, Get In On The Decay (A Rhombus In The Making), Any Propaganda You Can Get Your Hands On, Try Not To Start At The End, Typee Personality In Taipei, Paper Cities Are Always On My Mind, Make Sure You Lock The Gate Behind You, I Lost King Solomon, More Than Her Fair Share Of Tags, My Big Toe Is The Middle Child, Try Catching Up, I've Asked You To Drive, Get Horizontal (Permission Granted), Till I Run Out Of Room, Making A Nuisance Of My Family, This Could Take Awhile, Hike Up A Dirt Mound, Blame Anyone Who's Not There, Call Screener, Yeti The Godfather Of The Even Keel, I Don't Call Everyone "Bright Eyes", I'm A Sucker For A Villain, Pilgrims Night Out, High Tide For The Control Freaks Among Us, Q-Tips Don't Do It For Me, Inland Empire, Heavy On The Puns Poindexter, Good To Know, You Don't Know Where It's Been, Her Own Courtesy Problems,,Get In The Van, Keep Calm Carry On, Unusual Administration To Society At Large, I Missed It Both Times, Who Gets To Go Next, Parting The Program, Always Want To Scream In The Theatre, Get This Thing Going You Dirty Animal, In On The Ground Floor Of Punching Judy, My Lip Runneth Over, Join Me On The Primrose Path, Maestro You're Just Jealous, , We're The Victims Again, Wrong Turn (Rejoice!), Speak French To Me, Insurrection Full Of Venom, Pull On The Skin,12132674272theres a list and in on it Mistress Of The Manor peanut Ripple Fragment Nazi Plush Pianos Wong Place Wong Time6 gasoline is Jelly In My Book6 Let's see the new eve
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