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samjackson blog post

Our feelings are being artificial

by samjackson, Mar/31/2019
Globalization make a border less world, make us digital and more like artificial, the reality and the freshness, the cuteness, the innocence are lost. Every body behave like a robot running towards money, fame and most of the people are earning depression. Our digital life is full of artificial express, we hide our sorrow behind a artificial smile, we met our friends and behaving with artificial response, our digital world is full of artificial fun speech, by which we are behaving with each other, sometime i think globalization make the world closer but increase distance between relations. by the way i am also a part of it. Thank you.
Comments [?]

By Gohan, Mar/31/2019

Very good insights many of which I have also arrived at. The internet obviously brings people together, but it also puts distance between us at the same time.

I agree with the artificial nature of online interactions. Not all fit that description as there are some real people who are what they say they are, but sadly many fall short of living up to their own hype by saying they are this or that and following it up with words and actions inconsistent with those self declarations. I've been coming here off and on a long time and have seen many examples of this.

Another is the phenomenon of online "friends" which to me just cheapens what a friend is. You can have friends without any of the responsibilities that go along with being a friend and you can keep your distance. Is that really a friend? I don't think so.. having "friends" is more about competition with others instead of forming real connections with people. This is why I never understood social media and I don't even really use my friends list on this site either though I may make a rare addition soon. :)

Another is how everywhere you look now, people are face down in their phones. So many times while eating out, I see a group of 4-5 people sitting at a table and all of them are on their phones not saying a word to each other. I see people walking their dogs holding the leash with one hand and holding their phone up to their face with the other.

It's like we are forgetting how to interact with each other in any kind of real way. The internet has certainly allowed people to meet each other who would never have been able to do so otherwise which is a beautiful thing, but it also seems to be replacing normal human interaction to some degree.

Humans evolved in small and somewhat isolated groups and this is where we are best able to interact effectively with each other, but with social media, the "group" you're interacting with are well into the millions and we just can't deal with it. Look at the disaster social media can be. People are vicious to each other on those platforms and even Youtube is another example, though it's not quite as bad there IMO. It's certainly comparable, though. So often, people are unable to be civil to one another especially in the case where there is a disagreement. I think in some ways, the anonymity of the internet is destructive.

Also, you can make yourself and your life look any way you want it to look. People portray this perfect life when in fact, their lives are anything but perfect. People rarely ever post the bad things they go through which creates this unattainable image of perfection that everyone tries (and inevitably fails) to live up to. There is increasing evidence that social media is a significant factor behind the rise in teen suicides over the last 10 years. We just didn't evolve to be able to handle this and it shows. It's a mess. I am glad I never got into social media. It's a vicious and unforgiving place.

So, I agree with your sentiment. We are further away from each other while simultaneously being closer. It's a weird thing. Maybe one day, we'll be better adapted for it. Thanks for your thoughts!

By samjackson, Apr/01/2019

Thank for pointing out so many valuable things to in human life which effecting much, is now a like of addiction. SOCIAL MEDIA is one of them, we have use it in right way otherwise our normal and natural relations will be lost one day. The another point you mentioned that FRIEND, yes I just totally agree with you about this matter. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIEND list friend and real FRIEND have so much difference. Its not the same. I also respect your thinking.

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