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stevenraye blog post
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Some of my better poems

by stevenraye, May/29/2010
Too Fast? Take a Second

So fly, so high
Gotta find a new way to get by
Someone say goodbye
Rat Race equal to a fast pace
Too Fast? Take a Second
Never forgot the look on Momma's face
Refuse to accept I lose at all cost
Reuse the ones that call themselves lost
Look into my eyes

Tell me what you see
I tend to see a world laughing at me
A world so cold yet cruel
A world that tends to overlook the oh so golden rule

Stand back
Get on track
Take a breath
Take a second

As matter of fact take a second look
Don't try to read my face like a book
I can almost promise that there's no fish on this hook

Love born
Love raised
Love the reason I'm so crazed
Hold on take a second and listen

Try to hear my words as the reflect the Sun's glisten
Shades of Grey, red, white, and blue
Why don't you try to me what to do?
Watch how I act, listen to what I say

I ain't same person at the start of a new day
Tired of all these people tellin' me to do it their way
Now hold up I ain't against the world
I'm just against the devils, who do the real evil

Maybe one day the truth they'll reveal
Maybe one day we'll know what's fake or real
White rappers, they tend to be no more than gift wrappers
Writing no more than toe tappers

Belee me I ain't no rapper
I have no gift of rhythem
I just have words to say and I give "em
To all those who dare oppose

Open your mind
Maybe by that time
You'll see that thou are not blind
Closed minded people spread like a disease

Only cheaters seem to win in this league
Over-bearing mothers love their daughters
Over abused sons hate their fathers
And my words seem to be all that bothers people today

Is what I say or how I say it?
Life tends to lead down the lost highway
If you don't like what you read or hear
F%@# it I did it my way

Quoting the Lost Embrace

Time heals all wounds so I am told.
Six dead crows equal to their weight in gold.
Seven lost boys who's secret story is waitin' to unfold.
Madman, Dead man, who's walking broken.

It seems to me it's better not to say those words unspoken.
11 P.M. across the annex of time.
Maybe I should give up on this old tired rhyme.
Lasting love unveiled as undone.

Loadin' the bullets for the last gun.
Someone once told me under the setting sun.
Love and lost is better than to be unloved.
Evolved, self-assured.

Sometimes life is it's own greatest pleasure.
Sometimes we can't get out from the pressure.
Sadman, Badman, Batman in the dark.
Seems like midnight not the right night to be alone in the park.

Jump on the mic if you wanna hear somethin'.
Sick how we all march to the drummin'.
Funny how we get mad and let the fist pump in.
Funny how it's always harder to say hello than goodbye.

Always the perfect time to say goodbye.
Always the worst time to die.
So easy to tell a lie.
I let the monster out to scar and kill.

Seems like no one is nothin' 'til you you serve ''em like a bar and grill.
Seems like the best years always go out with your worst fears.
Maybe it's not worth all the blood, sweat, 'n' tears.

Sun rise, son fall.
Military boys rarely stand tall at the end of the war.
Tell me what the hell are we fighting for.
What the hell are we standing for?
Time is up and it seems like we're branded more.

The hospitals full of no more than gore.
Time to say somethin' I know I'll get myself attacked for.
Am I truely better after or before?
Revolve, relax.

Sometimes it ain't worth all this for that.
Go ahead Sir give your back a pat.
While you're at it go ahead 'n' pop another zannex.
It's crazy how messed up the world is.
Greatest thing these days pain is.

Should we stop and understand it?
Or should we pop and let a hand in?
Should we reveal ourselves as the bad dreams?
Or should we give into thoughts that are maddenin'?

Do I let go of watchin'?
Do I love again with phoniness?
Do I trust no one and live in loniness?
Do you do the same things too or do I love just to be fooled by you?

Is the enemy of my enemy truely my friend or am I just lying to create an end?
Brick walls equal to quick falls.
Someone once told I should hate it all.
Forget that time to get eyes back on the ball.

Quick question?
Do I give into my recession?
Procession, regrettin', sick ways to reach assention.
Detention, profession, maybe I should get back to regrettin'.

Maybe I should say goodbye.
I can return like Jordan and tyson with the 4-5.
5x5 why should I live this lie?
Why should I watch the clock fall 'n' time fly by.

Maybe I have fallen too far behind.
Or maybe I just went out my mind.
What did I just open my eyes to find?

Forget what I said before.
I ain't quoting the great divide no more.
Lost God's embrace.
Lost my own face.

Gave up faith.
Went from pure love to pure rage.
Animal locked in this cage.
Seems like all the luck got blown up yesterday.

Used up, washed out, seems like I am blown-out.

Tomorrow Never Came

Told her I loved her
I put no one above her
For me there was no other
Too bad I could not hit rewind

Take back all the secrets she'd hide
Never accured to me that she lied
Now I can shed tears, first time in over four years
Too bad I wasn't crying for her

The tears in my eyes
The pain in this heart are for another
A woman who I loved like a mother
Cancer took her from us like a thief

Wish I could have said goodbye, but her end was so brief
Tomorrow never came for to moments in my life
First I lost the girl I wanted to make my wife
Then I lost the aunt who brought joy to my life

Sorrow 'round the family tree
Last couple of years ain't been the best for me
Met someone new who I thought had a chance at being true
Looks like she could possibly been a lie too

Luck not good
Hope I find tomorrow soon
Today, yesterday, all the same
So damn tired of this game

Awoke from a great dream
Had a month planned out for a date scheme
Looking at this empty screen
Wishing they would have seen what I seen
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