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Thrasymachus blog post

"Big-Jesus-Trash-Can" by Nick Cave
by Thrasymachus, Jan/01/2019
Big Jesus soulmates Trash Can
Fucking rotten business this
Both feet in the bad-boot
Stiff in the crypt
Like a rock

Big-Jesus soul-mates Trash-Can
Pumped me fulla Trash
(at least it smelt like Trash)
Wears a suit of Gold
(got greasy hair)
But God gave me sex appeal
He drives a trash can
He's comin to my town
(rock rock rock)

Big Jesus Oil King down in Texas
Drives great holy tanks of gold
Screams from heaven's graveyard
American heads will roll in Texas
(roll like Daddies meat)
Roll under those singing stars of Texas
He drives a trash can
He's coming to my town

And he drives a
Trash can
Comments [?]

By Kate48, Jan/06/2019

Give your brain for food tigers .......... Only physical labor saves, the dream to remove the debris as far as possible from his sick imagination, as in the gym to pump his ass and take more space in public transport, spreading his legs wide apart and leaning back in the posture of a well-fed male on the back of the chair ....... People so love to sort out our dirty laundry, completely unaware. that you can find something that will haunt their feelings for as long as they experience it with you .....

By Thrasymachus, Jan/06/2019

I'm always already haunted...

By Kate48, Jan/06/2019

Is someone following you? Well, who can pursue you, if only you can catch up with your thoughts, at a time when the statement that all genius simply does not mean spiritual simplicity, when people trample down this garbage about which you speak. And it really is too much. Sometimes the janitors save you from a headache, haha, sometimes it seems to you that there is nothing in it, but in fact the employees of the cleaning company come through the chimney as Santa Claus to take away your youth and make another year older than you .

By Thrasymachus, Jan/07/2019

Terrible headaches seem oddly familiar.

By Kate48, Jan/07/2019

All women are like one another.

By Kate48, Jan/07/2019

Headache This is only a reflection of our problems. In fact, we have one problem, and if we subject ourselves to mental violence, then your thoughts move your hemispheres from right to left, then in the opposite direction, maybe this is the reason? Says what you want to say.

By Thrasymachus, Jan/07/2019

"All women are like one another." -I must beg to differ on this; there are huge differences in the math at play with all the beings appearing upon this gestalt-plane. The XYZ coordinates at times t1, t2, t3... depict ratios and angles that attract or repel, while the being-hood of each person ranges from simpleton to Socrates - from believers to thinkers. Even the simplest capacity to think (depending on what is called thinking) is somewhat rare among us clothed primates, and is a prerequisite for me to even just sleep with someone, much less want to date. No; women have massive differences between them.

By Kate48, Jan/07/2019

No, you are absolutely wrong, all women want to make up their lips with red lipstick and become depraved playful woman, when with them is the only man with whom they can open their dirty thoughts and feelings. All the deep thoughts of a woman end on buying new shoes and higher heels, black stockings and beautiful lace underwear just to be interesting for thinkers, but women are ready to respect their primates with a sexy dance, delicious dinner, clean underwear, any pleasant things. , just to not feel lonely. Everyone does it in different ways, but the essence remains the only physiological need, when a huge army of men is afraid of a female reincarnation from a porcelain doll into a dragon, which will attack as soon as it sees the wedding ring.

By Thrasymachus, Jan/07/2019

It would appear to me that as jaded as I am, I'm still far less misogynistic than you and Nietzsche. What's more, I'm really starting to like you, as a specific female human iteration though, not as a trope.

By Kate48, Jan/07/2019

But no, do not love me, everyone loves me, but I do not demand a special relationship. I need a single man who will tolerate all my shortcomings, as Sometimes my character becomes unbearable. I just want to sing the hymn to inner freedom, even if men want to chain me up, it seems that wild animals will never accept even the one who is ready to feed them with the freshest meat.

By Thrasymachus, Jan/08/2019

I'm not the most tolerant person in the world, and speaking of the world, I'm also located on the other side of it, so don't worry your pretty head: I won't fall for you...

By Kate48, Jan/08/2019

Rob, why do I need your love? Leave your love for someone who needs it, but I don't need it. There is so much love in my life. Believe me, grown-up girls perfectly understand many things, and they also understand what we say so, better tit in the hands than a crane in the sky ....

By Thrasymachus, Jan/09/2019

Wow! How could you have known? I had a pair of nice tits in my hands just last nite, and not a single thought about cranes (or even herons) on the wing intruded upon our fun. Psychic? Powerless....oh well, still uncanny.

By Kate48, Jan/09/2019

Haha, Rob ..... I think you asked her name?

By Thrasymachus, Jan/09/2019

No. She just walked up and told me her name. I asked her age. (Some guys have all the luck...)

By Kate48, Jan/09/2019

The old horse does not plow deeply, but it doesn’t spoil the furrows, ha ha

By Thrasymachus, Jan/12/2019

You might ask her how thoroughly deeply plowed she left feeling - she won't stop calling me now...

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