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Thrasymachus blog post
April 11, 2019

Social Distancing Searing Boredom Quasi Poetry

by Thrasymachus, Mar/19/2020
Stuck inside walls of fear that may well be way the hell justified, climbing them doesn't help, and the dog needs a walk. I remember when we talked about our imaginary future together, close, touching unafraid. The past is the real ghost that haunts quiet moments. Bravely hoping for a better future she moved on and got over me. Good for her. She should be happy. These words burn of some salty residue, blurry now and then. Her image burnt clearly in my mind. What difference does it make? My heart was hers to take, but none of that matters much if you can't get along. An old sad song, and somehow it sounded trite the first time I heard it. Its an instant earworm classic. Its least annoying as a metal arrangement, if you like metal I mean. If you don't like metal, that would probably just make it louder...

Life turning upside down is nothing new. Loneliness isn't a quick killer, and this social distancing fad will pass and fade away like yesterday always does, for better or worse. Precious moments weighed against personal tragedy is a cold equation for deciding what life is worth. It could be what you make it. It isn't fake news, or a rehearsal; I'm pretty sure about that. The authentic existence may not be compatible with the cult of comfortability, and maybe there's an intrinsic value in suffering. That would explain a lot.
Comments [?]

Amor fati
By NGavrilova, Mar/21/2020

"just sayin.." ..... hm... The topic of misogyny overpowered the topic of suffering, ok. Nietzsche lived at a time when most of the women were in a repressed social position. No wonder he didn't even swim in that sea of female potential to measure it properly. Some men still withhold these views thereby depriving themselves of reality. I don't blame those men, apparently, this attitude might be the last refuge of their masculinity. I suppose Nietzsche would have greatly revised his views if he has lived up until now.

April 11, 2019
By Thrasymachus, Mar/21/2020

Ok. Suffering is a worthy Nietschean topic...

"...authentic existence is considered sacred enough to justify even a tremendous amount of suffering. The tragic man suffers even the harshest suffering: he is sufficiently strong, rich, and deifying for this; the Christian negates even the happiest life on Earth: he is sufficiently weak, poor, and disinherited to suffer from life in any form. The God on the cross is a curse on life, a pointer to seek redemption from it; Dionysus cut to pieces is a promise of life: it is eternally reborn and comes back from destruction."

~from notes later used to create: Will To Power

Amor fati
By NGavrilova, Mar/21/2020

Interesting quote, thank you for sharing. This part: "authentic existence is considered sacred enough to justify even a tremendous amount of suffering" shows, as I may suggest, that suffering in and of itself is secondary to authentic existence, not vice versa.
I hope he was not insisting to look for suffering for the sake of authenticity. Because all my experience given to me in sensations tells me that authenticity can manifest itself in a deep enthusiasm for life, life's work, devotion, and love. Tremendous suffering often devastates the soul and doesn't add anything but anger, envy, and pettiness if you are lucky enough to keep sanity.

April 11, 2019
By Thrasymachus, Mar/21/2020

"I hope he was not insisting to look for suffering..."
-Definitely not; in fact he counsels the opposite, just as you do, often and in similar terms.

I think you and Friedrich would have gotten along famously.

Amor fati
By NGavrilova, Mar/22/2020

"authentic existence may not be compatible with the cult of comfortability, and maybe there's an intrinsic value in suffering" - maybe but maybe not. Many people get used to living in suffering but it doesn't mean there is a necessity in it. Comfort itself doesn't spare you of suffering, especially if people used to suffer.
You can admire how bees beautifully create honeycombs, but the bees will never ever build something other than honeycombs but human beings can.
Yes, considering how much suffering and destructive moments are constantly present around us, optimism is simply offensive for a person experiencing these sufferings. But pessimism is just as offensive to LIFE itself. After all, life, in spite of everything that happens, is always directed forward.
I won’t tire of reminding - “if we learn to enjoy only this, we will be able to offend others less and invent all kinds of sorrows ... a man from his very creation experienced little joy, this is our original sin”

April 11, 2019
By Thrasymachus, Mar/22/2020

Your edit destroyed the coherency of this thread.


Now I have sit and stare into the darkness and rend my clothing in anguish!

Gonna leave it, methinks, and maybe someday someone will puzzle out the order and movement caused in edit, and feel some sense of sublime satisfaction.

Amor fati
By NGavrilova, Mar/22/2020

leave it. It is not that bad. Now it looks like a postmodern fragment of the anti-novel «Rayuela» by Jules Cortázar. There is the reader has to read according to a special scheme.

April 11, 2019
By Thrasymachus, Mar/22/2020

Ever read "House Of Leaves"? Same sort of post-modern labyrinthine fun house mirror read, and terribly entertaining.

April 11, 2019
By Thrasymachus, Mar/22/2020


...check out the big brain on Natasha!

"Women are considered profound. Why? Because one never fathoms their depths. Women aren't even shallow."
~aphorism 27, Twilight of the Idols

(I have to point out though, as much as I love Nietzsche, I don't always find myself agreeing with his actual position (when it can be discerned), much less his polemical positions. And insofar as charges of misogyny may be justified, he never met you. You are not an ordinary woman at all. He doesn't think so highly of ordinary men either, and sort of groups most people of both sexes together as the all-too-many and despises them equally, but the misogyny appears as rabble women (not you at all) are singled out from the herd. Just sayin'...)

(((edit move mystery flour in the gravy plot thickener triple parenthetical)))

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