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Login the site using you username and password. Click "My Blog Posts" from the "User Menu" at the left. Click "Add a new post" to make a post. Create a "Title" for your post and type a text into "Post" box. Then press "Save". New post will appear on your profile page and in the Blogs. Blogs are publicly viewed. You can turn on/off comments on your post.

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Beware of scammers and cheats
Please read carefully before contacting someone in the Internet.

Unfortunately, Internet is full of scammers. We take efforts to protect you from them. Below is the information about scammers and their technics and dating safe tips.

Scammers from such countries as Nigerian, Senegal, Ghana and Malaysia are posting hundreds of profiles as if they live in UK or USA, but in reality they live another country and are paid to scam innocent people. Many of dating sites don't care of scammers, because scammers have nice profiles and photos, and that attracts more members. They give you the impression they live in UK or USA till that time when they write you the next message from Nigeria or Ghana. They tell you they went for a business trip there and got robbed visa or any other documents. They have no money to get back and ask you to help.

$10 million cheque scam. You get a message from someone telling you about his or her rich relative who has millions of dollars and suddenly died. You are asked for a help to get the money out of the country. They send you a $10 million cheque. You go and give it to the bank and while you are waiting for the cheque processing, they ask you for money. You send them $10 000 hoping to have $10 million soon. A lot of people suffered from this scam. The cheque bounces in a week, you lose $10 000 and have troubles in the bank.

If someone asks for your email address immediately, or gives theirs right away, it is suspicious. Never give your real email address or contact details until you have thoroughly checked out and verified the person. Be very careful when people insist on your communicating via their private email addresses hardly getting to know you. Your contact details can be used to get flood spam or for any other purposes. Such scam technics is often used by members from Russia or Ukraine. The photo is a fake, the girls are not real and you will never see the person you are writing to. The scam could also include credit card fraud, excessive charges to an affiliated travel company, etc. To make sure that a lady you are communicating is real, and to protect yourself, you may use onsite safe mail box to know better a person you like.

If someone asks for money, it is a scam! DO NOT SEND money for ANY reason! Reasons for asking you to send money

  • To treat sick child, mom or dad and other relatives
  • For visa
  • For passport application
  • For travel tickets
  • To pay to dating agency for translating and emailing services
  • To use internet
  • Lost job
  • Bank charges so that millions of dollars can be transferred to you account
  • Money for charity project
  • To pay hospital bill.
  • To pay telephone bill.

Beware of scammers and cheats! If someone from this site tries to scam you or you see a reported scammer profile here, please let us know. Scam and fake profiles are banned from the site immediately and blacklisted.

NEVER SEND money for ANY reason!

Who the Scammers Really Are

Learn who is behind the computer screen and what pictures scammers use

What is Romance Scams

Dating scammers are the scum of the earth. They break peoples hearts for a profit.

New type of nigerian scam

This lonely woman was taken for $24,000

Last scam stories
If he says he is from/works in New York, California, UK, Russia, Spain - with a heavy accent - beware he is not going to fall in love with you!!!!!!!!!!! He will take you for everything you are worth and then treat you like dirt after asking you to get loans and sell your possessions. He said he is an Independent Engineer that works with oil, has a 6 yr old son and his wife died in a car accident 4 years ago -she was 2 months pregnant. He always spells the word together as "togather". He is so romantic with his words and will you give you all his attention. This went on for two months then it all became to much to believe. My story - He told me in the beginning he lived in New York. He was going to California to interview for a job that could potentially place him out of the country for 3-4 weeks. He would have to use all his cash flow up front to pay for the equipment and pay of the employees since he is self employed. He only works twice a year telling you he will end up with around 750,000 after each job is done and that he is willing to relocate to anywhere to be with his love. We'll of course he got the job and it was going to be in the UK. He even bought a cell phone from there so he could talk (of course he bought one - sure he already had it). He had to be flown into the job site because it is an isolated area that they will be working at (of course there is no way to get to the bank). So you continue to communicate everyday by email, IM, and telephone. He has bought you gifts and is looking for a courier company that will come get the package to send to you. He doesn't tell you till after he sends the gift that he placed money in it - a lot of money! He doesn't feel safe since there is no bank there to keep the money with him but he barely knows you and he trusts you (I feel so dumb)! So you get a tracking number and password to watch the status of the box - however this courier co is fake too - the website is fake! You get calls from the courier that the money was found and that it is against the law so customs is requiring a large fee to secure the box and so you donít get charged with money laundering - so that gets paid because you are freaking out! You have documentation and you believe that you will get your money back in the box once it arrives. Then they hit you up for a damage fee to release the box, then the UN for anti terrorism request money (I became very suspicious at this point and located the UN myself and I sent them the certificate to see if it was real and they could not verify if the form was valid or not). I told him I was freaking out and that I believed this was a scam so he stated I will prove my love to you and I will go to Malaysia (where the box ended up) myself and take care of this at once. I will face whatever charges come our way- he says. The way it was all said and occurred you felt swept off your feet. So he gets to Malaysia and hires an attorney -oh and he buys another cell phone so its not so expensive to call. Of course he doesn't have enough money for an attorney so he needs you to help with that and a hotel fee cause he is broke now. He has you wire it to a hotel manager (of course you find out there is no hotel manager by this name). Now he is threatening me to pay $10,000.00 USD

His id name was trueloving guy or something similar to it 50 year old man from los angeles, claimed he was in military and going to be retiring , said he fell in love with me and wanted me to have his personal belongings, and was going to send them here through diplomat, however the person behind the computer i believe to be tweneboah opoku from africa. through out the diplomats travels he went to ghana and got stuck there for customs reasons and needed money for an insurance cetificate and vip tags for this guy franks package i foolishly sent the mony to a total of 560 dollars because it seemed legitamate, to a supposed lawyer named tweneboah opoku.
then the diplomat flew to london and claim he got stuck there at airport again...i told him no way am i sending you any money. then told "frank" or who ever is on the other end of computer in africa to f*** off...he still claim he is real. what a scam. his email address is his messenger id is true soul, he also has a profile on as frank with a pict matching one of the ones that i have. also another profile used by this person is william james who is the diplomat. he also has a profile on woo hoo under william. tweneboah opoku has a facebook profile and his email address that i was given is

Andrewz trif scammer, John Sulay Scammer. Andrew trif scam. Andrewz says he is a German born US Military officer who said he was in Afghanistan and retiring to the UK who has sent a parcel with a diplomat called John Sulay the parcel got held in Ghana and it has US dollars in it. The US army guy is called Andrew Trid, alias Andrewz Trif, he says he as 2 daughters called Jayne and Anna, nick names Janny and he lives in Fulham. He uses a website called poemslovers to copy and paste is lies into the emails. They also pretend that Interpol are onto them and that Andrewz is going to be arrested. The Interpol email part of the scam will advise you not to tell anyone or they will come for you and not to give Andrewz any money. This is a dupe to create another angle to get money from you, so are the lies about daughters living in London under the care of nanny. He also says that his wife died. All LIES, The emails are below and are all set up in Mountain View, CA, Richmond WA, SunnyVale CA and Sanjose.,,,, he also uses alias Rain Mahal, He may also have sent you a picture of himself holding a cattle skull, in a military uniform with a vehicle behind him to the right. The picture is fake, the diplomat will ask you for 5600EUR for the package, Andrewz will ask for 2000EUR for his kidsí holiday,(they will claim that they will pay you back when he gets the package carrying $500,000 and then a bloke called Mark will ring claiming to be in London with the package and ask for money to. If they cant get money they will try and groom you to meet him in Spain, Madrid where he will not turn up, they will try to arrange for a car to pick you up to meet him do not fall for this. They will steal from you. Ask for address in UK and check electoral roll, and all other public info to verify. Ask for D.O.B and N.I, ask where the kids go to school and for their facebook names, all a LIE. Scam, scammer. Packages are only released by embassyís and are paid for prior to release, to renew an expired tag you must go to the embassy and follow the same process do not give money it is a scam.


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