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    by PolePosition09,Apr/12/2024

    Life is about enjoying the ride... so, what are you brining with you on this trip? Are you going to bring doubt, or will you bring a courageous and fun-loving spirit? (Life is too short for ending up with unfulfilled fantasies and unpursued dreams! )

  • Geelyn


    by Geelyn,Apr/02/2024

    It's because God raised our savior Jesus Christ from the dead to wipe away our sins that we can declare, "He is risen." 🙏 ❤

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    Life questions you need answers to? Ask me

    by synergy,Mar/14/2024

    Do you think some questions in Life are difficult or impossible to answer? Do you need someone to help you through a complex life problem? Ask me I can help

  • Geelyn


    by Geelyn,Mar/09/2024

    The TRUE Meaning of LOVE is Give and Take. 😘 😘 😘

  • Highwaymale

    Oh no!!!!!

    by Highwaymale,Feb/22/2024

    Where are all the women of iowa??

  • Oldtimeshaman

    I didn’t do it for fame, admiration and wealth

    by Oldtimeshaman,Feb/16/2024

    We always wish for money, we always wish for game, we think we have the answers, something’s never change. I did it because antigravity was the hardest riddle/mystery I could find to challenge my soul! I was not happy with wealth, fame, so I had to find something that actually achieved happiness.... I had to learn that success and happiness are choices, not destinations. And solving ... Read the whole post

  • Oldtimeshaman

    Free energy, antigravity, why I don’t share with those who want said badly part 2 of conspiracy below

    by Oldtimeshaman,Feb/15/2024

    Ok, you have a technology any 12 year old can duplicate, fairly cheaply, a technology that can be adapted much the way Tesla’s A/C, radio, etc. changed the and created modern world. And the people adamant about learning always want to exploit not the technology, but every one else, financially, tyrannically, so on... The power could destroy, beyond human capacity to perceive... almost ... Read the whole post

  • Oldtimeshaman

    There is no conspiracy to suppress free energy/anti-gravity, the truth really hurts....

    by Oldtimeshaman,Feb/15/2024

    I have after 54 years, achieved my goal, at about 4 years of age, levitation/antigravity was one of my goals.... So I have many people, I speak with about fringe science, etc., and I asked ten of them to participate in helping bring a societal change about by just taking a few hours to view my work, my results. To watch as I recorded this demonstration, give their opinions, to be allowed to ... Read the whole post

  • Oldtimeshaman

    Blog post game, interactive “#1 the MIST S. King- scenario “

    by Oldtimeshaman,Feb/15/2024

    Ok, like in the movie, we are trapped in a grocery store, there several unknown biological entities attempting to get us. What can we do to find out what these unknown creatures are weak against... Being we assume they are from another dimension/biosphere, than our own, maybe items we would not consider dangerous are harmful to these... Name up to ten things you’d test out, or create as ... Read the whole post

  • Oldtimeshaman

    Gem theory/gravity manipulation and modification, and love

    by Oldtimeshaman,Feb/14/2024

    If you had told me a week ago, that on Valentine’s Day, 2024, that I would have a breakthrough in understanding, that would constitute base understanding of, Unified field theory, gravity(which also provides a basis for time manipulation), I would have said your crazy.... But here I am, and I am sure you find my claims crazy, a week ago, I’d have wholeheartedly agreed. You see ever since I was ... Read the whole post

  • Oldtimeshaman

    What attracts my attention to a woman

    by Oldtimeshaman,Feb/13/2024

    I have begun to question my masculinity, why you ask? Well every time another man points out a female that they feel is desirable, I just don’t see what they see. I see a ok possibility, but a lot of my past intimate past, I realize that I was physically attracted to a female, or so I thought, but in truth I was only attracted to the FANTASY I was projecting on to her..... and when that ... Read the whole post

  • Crni


    by Crni,Jan/28/2024

    Hi, I am here!

  • Glenda72278

    Say what you mean and mean what you say

    by Glenda72278,Jan/12/2024

    There are some on here that want to call you a liar. I'm no liar. I'm brutally honest but most can't handle my version of truth. Some will say they don't judge. But they do. Some will say that they are an open book but when you ask about a certain chapter in their life, they close off (unhealed) and then the block you? This is a dating site. It is meant to find 'the one'. How can that be done ... Read the whole post

  • Realrobustlady4u

    new beginnings

    by realrobustlady4u,Jan/12/2024

    2024 and we get a chance to start over again in our quest for happiness which for me requires 1 good man. Where are you? 😏

  • Realrobustlady4u

    special opportunity

    by realrobustlady4u,Dec/29/2023

    This lifetime is much better with a trusted partner. I need a manfriend who gets me. We each an asset to one another. Not timid nor afraid of the truth. Aren't you curious?:)

  • Realrobustlady4u

    pursuit of happiness

    by realrobustlady4u,Nov/20/2023

    Do not be shy quality guy of my dreams. Let's be thankful enjoying one another. Who wants to be happy?


    Look into My Eyes and See the Truth...

    by INTP_CA,Nov/10/2023

    The made up saying," Eyes are the window(s) to the Soul," is utter Nonsense and repeated by fools, those who don't think for themselves and who don't even noticed the obvious. The eye or eyes is/are one of the many sensory organs. Many living things have eye or eyes. The utter Nonsense, "One can tell who the other person is by looking deep into their eye(s)." Just shows how gullible people ... Read the whole post


    Consciousness exist in the Mind (Self). & The Body is Only one's Phycial Identity.

    by INTP_CA,Nov/10/2023

    It's our body not our consciousness that give us our identity it is the only tangible aspect that has ever differentiated all the species in the world. Needless to say a sense of the body is also ingrained in our DNA. - (Quote from "Assassin" a 2023 American Sci-fi action film - directed by Jesse Atlas.)

  • Geelyn

    WHAT"S UP??

    by Geelyn,Nov/09/2023

    Wondering what's up with you now?? Hope you are find and healthy. I just wanna hear from YOU 😘

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Local only please.

    by realrobustlady4u,Nov/01/2023

    seems very few men on this site stateside. Please be an honorable gent and a south west coaster 😎 😎

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