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Latest Blog Posts

by Kate48, 7:30AM
Silence is a type of certain mental impact when you want to crush the one next to you. Silence destroys you, because it is not the best way to realize yourself. If you are a social being and nature has given you the opportunity to talk, why do you need to be silent even when it seems that the person who is next to you is wrong? How easy it is to solve a problem when you have the opportunity to ... Read the whole post
by mpjames, Jan/16/2019
*Rock Is Not Dead....It Just Smells Funny* Run To Japan; She's Not On My Watch; Sarah Victoria; Born To Bleed; Charley (A Legendary Asshole); Beyond The Pale Horse; Luigi's Widow; Victims Of The Future; Chasing Our Nightmare; Undressing Singapore; Step Into Liquid; Broken On The Wheel; *Lowering The Bar* Moving Up In The World; Kicked In The Heart (Yet Again); We've Circled The Egg; Upbeat The ... Read the whole post
Consequences of Negative Thinking - by Cindy Hartman
by TenderlyYours, Jan/16/2019
Think positively! Think good thoughts! Be “The Little Engine That Could” and think you can! We hear people make these types of remarks on a continuing basis. Why? What does thinking positive thoughts have to do with anything? Why is it so important to rid yourself of negative thinking? Your entire being is affected by your thoughts, which means every single component of your life is a result ... Read the whole post
another new year unfolding
by Thrasymachus, Jan/16/2019
big pope baby jesus lover come down from somewhere up on holy high said bend over this here altar youngsters gonna pump you full of sunshine (shit of all sorts might've happened but only certain particular shit did) well it must've worked for sure i saw the virgin mary on my walk home i know in the bloody vomit in the snow where it fell out of me so briefly there before the smell ... Read the whole post
Looking For Love by Johnny Lee
by TenderlyYours, Jan/15/2019
I spent a lifetime lookin' for you Single bars and good time lovers were never true Playing a fools game, hopin' to win Tellin' those sweet lies and losin' again I was lookin' for love in all the wrong places Lookin' for love in too many faces Searchin' their eyes Lookin' for traces of what I'm dreaming of Hoping to find a friend and lover I'll bless the day I discover Another heart ... Read the whole post
looking for Love
by billiegraywolf, Jan/11/2019
Hello to all you Beautiful Ladies out there. I am billiegraywolf. My real name is Billie or Bill. I am a christian. I am looking for longterm relationship that will lead to marriage. I Love gospel music also i Love country music. I Love the great outdoors. I am a animal Lover. I like to fish. I like to watch football games. I like to take walks alone the beach holding hands with my Lady. Who ever ... Read the whole post
Love Online and Offline
by TenderlyYours, Jan/10/2019
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published an interesting report regarding the survival of marriages for couples that met online as opposed to those who met in a more traditional manner: "In a nationally representative sample of 19,131 respondents who married between 2005 and 2012, results indicate that more than one-third of marriages in America now begin on-line. In addition, ... Read the whole post
To Wall Or Not To Wall...
by Thrasymachus, Jan/10/2019
...That is the question, arisen out of the old tired lie that Mexico will pay for a big beautiful newfangled Great Wall, better than China's old one, separating the USA from the brown menace below it. He was lying. He's always lying. Now the government is shut down because of his lying, because he wants the American tax payer to pay for his insane debacle. Exciting times, these. The racists, ... Read the whole post
is this a actve weeb site or not
by JACOB091, Jan/07/2019
I have bean no this web site fore a week and nothing
So glad its over.
by Thrasymachus, Jan/07/2019
The holidays are over; the days are getting longer. The hypocrisy is getting back to normal levels of nauseating. The Trump has shut down the dysfunctional government, as he lost his NAZI majority in the House - washed away in a very pink blue-wave. The human animals are so disappointing most of the time that when they aren't, the associated astonishment often outweighs whatever it was that ... Read the whole post
by mpjames, Jan/06/2019
* Doesn't Play Well With Others* D.O.A.* Fun At The Expense Of Others;*Is That A Bazooka In Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me* Mozart's On Fire; Deaf To Your Pleas; Check It Out Then Go It Alone; I Don't Belong Here Anymore;*Six Million Gentiles Can't Be Wrong* Simon (Born Careful); Tell It To The Dark; A Toe With No Hands;*Fun At The Expense Of Others* Green Roast Beef Continues; ... Read the whole post
by TenderlyYours, Jan/04/2019
I would like to comment on the lady's post below mine, but do not want to be considered sick in the head. Hahaha!
Never Care
by Geelyn, Jan/02/2019
Never care for someone who does not care for you. It’s a waste of time and emotional energy. Neutral Neutral Neutral
Knock knock!
by TenderlyYours, Jan/02/2019
Who’s there? - Mustache. - Mustache who? - I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
"Big-Jesus-Trash-Can" by Nick Cave
by Thrasymachus, Jan/01/2019
Big Jesus soulmates Trash Can Fucking rotten business this Both feet in the bad-boot Stiff in the crypt Babay Like a rock Rock-rock-rock Big-Jesus soul-mates Trash-Can Pumped me fulla Trash (at least it smelt like Trash) Wears a suit of Gold (got greasy hair) But God gave me sex appeal Well-well-well-rock He drives a trash can He's comin to my town (rock rock ... Read the whole post
purisirith Order of spelling
by Godenamed7, Jan/01/2019
my name
by Godenamed7, Jan/01/2019
American Civilianary Officer dob--Apureal 25, 1979 Aje-37 hair color-Wit,Blonde/IUellow,Red/(BirthRight)(Recess)Black,Brown Eye color- Blue Irish Kolor- Black Height- 5'-10" weight(approx)-155 lbs give-or-take- 5lbs MY -name by law, Brian Abyss angel allen alen alin alon allan alan acilam altered aeared air ar american abrevveeddeedd abreived abreved ... Read the whole post
facebook profiles and media sound records ov Brian Hensley.
by Godenamed7, Jan/01/2019
my old facebook, has alot ov different photos ov-me and my children, and different stuff i was researching, or doing, photos ov my inventions are on all my accounts i think. My company is Dark Sinister Industries, it is a Civil Engineering /Saftey device/Health and Shealth Care Device /Security/Ect..Company - this are a different old facebook account, i sometimes forigot my password, im ... Read the whole post
Be safe this New Year don't drink and drive
by TenderlyYours, Dec/31/2018
Making The Choice Not to Drink and Drive - According to National statistics, an average of 12,000 people die every year in DUI-related accidents. There is an average of 900,000 arrested each year for DUI/DWI and a full 1/3 of those are repeat offenders. While National averages have dropped by half over the past 35 years there is still an ongoing problem with drinking and driving. The solution to ... Read the whole post
"Three of a Perfect Pair" by King Crimson
by Thrasymachus, Dec/29/2018
She is susceptible He is impossible They have their cross to share Three of a perfect pair He has his contradicting views She has her cyclothymic moods They make a study in despair Three of a perfect pair One One too many Schizophrenic tendencies Keeps it complicated Keeps it aggravated And full of this hopelessness What a perfect mess

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