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April 11, 2019
Canto 69
by Thrasymachus, Oct/24/2020
Midnight spider bite in the back of my neck: apply sexual themes at your own peril: forget the matter of dosage and merit: the bringer of death is awake: with an itchy swollen sight there on the hairline: I vacuumed a few and smashed two more before coffee: unable to eat this early: growth and decline cycles by: too simplistic: unpopular stands losing elections: extensive evaluations ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Concerning Developments
by Thrasymachus, Oct/11/2020
Imprison the dissent and controversy over moral freedom: now here, now there, and of course its always now: whole number ratios and all holes in one: algorithms for cult leadership and condemned transformations: intense false verbalizations and fake news ad hominem attacks: undercutting the impenetrable relationship between them: like when a far away smile interrupts one's paperwork: the ... Read the whole post
August 2020
I met a Knight
by NGavrilova, Oct/05/2020
Today, during my workout routine, on the sports ground, I met a knight with a foam rubber sword and a foil shield. He came up to me, started a conversation, and quickly offered to be friends (he can easily protect me if needed). He told me about the history and origin of his sword, explained what a garda is, and said that he did not like to sleep at lunchtime in his kindergarten. “way back I also ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Canto 66
by Thrasymachus, Oct/03/2020
Values and attitudes during the course of history: they are abstract and difficult: poverty of an artist and luxury of an infidel: evil justice is justice that no one can put to any bad use: nothing at all like black mail in the walls of a church: despite their best efforts and innovative retailing formats: amputating everything: no advanced security systems remained behind with the ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Only Matter
by Thrasymachus, Sep/30/2020
Space and time, and an exception to the rule: white collar fools with high collars: all day all foul small world indeed: needs be damned, but the trespass was immediately forgiven: section off the sensational intimacy and travel lightly please: grossly entertaining head and bone room notwithstanding: his father the doctor was on drugs even longer: traveling Panama into the tropical ... Read the whole post
Me In My Apron
by NvFisher095, Sep/22/2020
I Am Looking For Long Term Relationship to lead to marriage & I Want A Girlfriend Who I Will Marry One Day
o( ~_~)o Virgo 9/20
Happy Birthday to all my Birthday-twins.
by H2o, Sep/20/2020
o( ~_~)o VIRGO 9/20 | Happy Birthday to all my Birthday-twins. May your life be filled with happiness and all the blessings of the universe. (Amen)
by TenderlyYours, Sep/18/2020
Do you believe in love at first sight—or should I walk by again?
Have a nice time of day
by Olga777, Sep/08/2020
I don't understand when a man asks to "tell me about yourself". Either this person does not want to analyze your personality, or this person just throws phrases, since there is nothing more to say, but why then does he write so that the woman would sit and write him memoirs from her life? You can ask questions, or you can learn everything in the process of communication, but the question itself ... Read the whole post
Close Up
If you had to choose between 1001 lovers & 1 lover—Which would you choose? Why? How so? Explain ...
by ThuhL, Sep/03/2020
I would choose one lover because 1 would be so many for me that even a Zegabillion lovers would be scared of me. They'd be scared of me because after loving each one purely—well—they would start to get scared. For instance, if there ever was a raffle where I'd win 1001 lovers versus 1 lover that admitted his love to me while I'm just walking to the store; I'd just give it up to a poor chick or ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Endoplasmic Reticulum
by Thrasymachus, Sep/02/2020
TWISTED ORGANELLE STARTS TWISTING: the unreliability of reality: deeply concerned with change: defined by the way they waste their lives: they considered themselves defiled dancers: tied to strings of schemes of long dead puppeteers: often drunk in strident tones he walked: my stomach growls louder than a red faced preacher: talk about over reaching the scratching out: they've got your ... Read the whole post
10 Ways to Show Your Partner You're in Love
by TenderlyYours, Sep/02/2020
1.) Remember to flirt. 2.) Listen to your lover. 3.) Experience new things together. 4.) Keep each other healthy. 5.) Build something together. 6.) Talk about your deepest feelings. 7.) Go for an annual relationship check-up. 8.) Remember your vows – even if you aren't married. 9.) Be kind to in-laws and relatives. 10.) Teach your partner what you know best. Source: ... Read the whole post
Close Up
What occupation do you specialize on? Why? How? Explain ...
by ThuhL, Sep/01/2020
I am a Freelanced, General Assistant (non-profit)—it feeds my soul—Some stuff I do is provide accurate information such as topics on the idea of the Universe; help move furniture; (it's not exactly a word out here but .. ) Spiritualization which is a type of, for example, remedying of unsettled souls. I came about with the occupation; know it or not, through my imagination! I was bored so I got ... Read the whole post
Close Up
How does your ordinary day look like? And, how so? Why? Explain ...
by ThuhL, Sep/01/2020
The valley of Las Vegas, NV—as weird as it may sound—should be an oasis. Since, of course, palm trees still grow here. However, it's long begun known that its a desert! IDK, I just find that estranged. Well—A typical day for me is as if unluck versus luck versus unluck, again, is unluck some more (full legalization of all variations of LGBTQIA+ Human Rights throughout the globe, anyone?—Even the ... Read the whole post
Hi I'm single and looking
Am single
by Jackie19930, Aug/31/2020
Am single and looking for a serious relationship
Close Up
Do you like to sleep longer or to wake up early? Why? Explain ...
by ThuhL, Aug/30/2020
—I sleep still excessively due to personal mishaps during High School; it's a condition called hypersomnia which is the opposite of insomnia as to where someone has little to no sleep over a troubled period. I notice it's healed over the years however so it's not that I enjoy sleeping longer—I have to. I prefer rising early because "Early bird catches the worm of inspiration." I've been ... Read the whole post
"Waiting In The Wings"
by TenderlyYours, Aug/28/2020
Point Of Grace Lyrics "Waiting In The Wings" Hearts of hope Seem hard to find these days As darker deeds Have their time on center stage We watch it all Unfolding scene by scene And a happy ending Seems a fading dream Fear and desperation have their day At least until faith steps up to say [Chorus] I believe – though God is out of sight He's working in the middle of all ... Read the whole post
No photo
by Gab, Aug/24/2020
Do you remember the days when you were building dreams and future with your EX? What happened to that BUILDING?🤔🤭
I choose love. How about you?
by TenderlyYours, Aug/22/2020
“For love, we will climb mountains, cross seas, traverse desert sands, and endure untold hardships. Without love, mountains become unclimbable, seas uncrossable, deserts unbearable, and hardships our lot in life.” ― Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts
April 11, 2019
The 4 best proofs that the Earth is flat:
by Thrasymachus, Aug/21/2020
1) That guy told Christopher Columbus Bugs Bunny, "Sheeza flat like a pizza, notta rounda like a meata balla." He seemed very earnest and sure about this assertion. 2) There is one spot in Las Vegas where you can look one direction to see the Eiffel Tower, and the other to see the Great Pyramid (oof! Take that, Big Globe lobby...) 3) Sarah Palin could see Russia from her back yard in Alaska ... Read the whole post
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