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  • Realrobustlady4u

    where is he?

    by realrobustlady4u,Aug/29/2023

    who will be my prince not afraid of the politics of this special time in history?:)

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Who will be my hero holding me telling me everything will work out

    by realrobustlady4u,Aug/03/2023

    I need a hero. Do you have the time and wisdom to partner with me for good? One mature man of honor truly available and capable, loving and caring. Where are you?:)

  • Realrobustlady4u

    I need a hero

    by realrobustlady4u,Aug/03/2023

    Non noblis solum. Not for ourselves only. Motto on my high school I attended years ago. Now more relevant than ever. Who is for me?:)

  • JJ2002

    my long term relationship expectations

    by JJ2002,Jul/28/2023

    1 u must not mind sending adult like photos 2 ur loyal 3 u enjoy online romance chats 4 ur a decent cook (not expecting too much from this) 5 ur drama free i aint got time for it 6 ur trustworthy

  • Geelyn


    by Geelyn,Jul/15/2023

    If you are interested in me do the right thing don't compare me with all the people you met who are worthless. Just trust yourself more.

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Local only please.

    by realrobustlady4u,Jul/07/2023

    Patriotic funloving gent wanted enjoying the summer. I dream of 1 good natured independent available man with integrity to be my sidekick. Where are you? Be happy to be driving us around doing good. :)


    Who are you? And what you are seeking here?

    by INTP_CA,Jun/01/2023

    I'm seeking a lady with these same shared values: Love, Kindness, Companionship, Intellectual stimulation, Mutual commitment and support & Fidelity. Is Social and Health Conscious. Lives a Healthy & Simple Lifestyle. Is kind and loving. Seeks real human interaction & connection. Me: Great common sense, kind, trustworthy, caring, friendly, open minded, honest, decent, good listener, wise, ... Read the whole post

  • Spotty

    What has my life come to LOL

    by Spotty,May/23/2023

    What was I thinking look ladies I don't hang around these apps very long so I got other things to do if you like Harleys I'll go out and have a good time hit me up sorry so blunt lol but I'm getting a little goofy with all this

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Do you want to be my white knight?

    by realrobustlady4u,May/19/2023

    Common decency seems to be gone. I am a loving decent lady needing a special man. I need someone to be by my side standing up for me treating me right and making sure others do the same. You will not be disappointed with the fact that you will be the best part of my life and we together will reap significant benefits. If I have piqued your interest please do not hesitate to comment. A world ... Read the whole post

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Local man of honor please reply

    by realrobustlady4u,May/16/2023

    I need you to be local and honorable and truly available. Are you wanting to have a real in person satisfying relationship? Do you have the time to be my man? ?

  • GAG4u

    Want a fun relationship with you.

    by GAG4u,May/13/2023

    Looking for a woman who likes fun.

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Where is he?

    by realrobustlady4u,May/11/2023

    Looking for someone authentic not into playing games. If you are wanting to be in a real relationship and are truly available please message me. Life is so much more fulfilling and fun with a trusted significant someone. Take a chance and the world can be a much better place with us together. ?

  • no photo

    Hello Boys & Girls

    by seaward,May/03/2023

    Hope Everyone is doing good out there? remember to obey LUVllFree rules? Be careful of your username, no swearing or other bad words, that might upset Mommy & Daddy, brush your teeth, go to bed early, Be very careful of what you are looking for in relationship, & your intrest, no playing adult games or using adult words, there be time for that when you are grown up, Just a reminder to all you ... Read the whole post

  • Jasonmuntner

    Long-term relationships & loneliness... :(

    by jasonmuntner,Apr/29/2023

    ?This is a long shot, i entered here nearly 10 years ago to be letdown because of people with bad dating behaviors. I will not say who to protect their privacy, however one of them faked their present photos for 5 months, another lied to me several time throughout the course of dating. Others were purely here to play games with me on quite a few occasions. With that being said i know there a lot ... Read the whole post

  • 7Mikavelli57

    Are men and women in 2023 ready to be in a committed relationship? (Part 2)

    by 7Mikavelli57,Apr/15/2023

    Great feedback from both of you and I concur! The fact that most people are not functioning on a high level of consciousness brings me to this point that you made (Thrasymachus) in your feedback/response to my post. First, you are right about finding a partner that can meet you as well as function at that same maybe even on a higher level or close to that level of consciousness. Which ... Read the whole post

  • 7Mikavelli57

    Are men and women in 2023 ready to be in a committed relationship?

    by 7Mikavelli57,Apr/11/2023

    Hello and peace to all! My name is Mikavelli, and I am a psychologist. I have been studying human behavior for a few years now, and I have learned that people will say anything to make you believe in them. Men and women will say that they are ready to settle down and start a family, but are they serious? Too many times, people get into relationships for the wrong reasons and back out of them, ... Read the whole post

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Are you wanting to be a man who is a hero? honest, able and brave?

    by realrobustlady4u,Mar/23/2023

    There is wrong and right. Good and evil. Most important is Rule of Law and holding people accountable for hurting others. I am a peaceful lady who is seeking a true patriot male by my side for true partnership ?. Are you wanting to be a man who is a hero? honest able and brave? Please message me back.

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Special manfriend.

    by realrobustlady4u,Mar/05/2023

    Wondering how to get a true partner. Any ideas? ?


    Silence as Acceptance (Idiom) for Current Time.

    by INTP_CA,Feb/27/2023

    Silence is Consent: a conscept of social interaction, which states that people tend to assume that lack of responce to an action as a tacit approval of that action. He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree. - Latin proverb.


    Important Famous Quotables For Current Time.

    by INTP_CA,Feb/12/2023

    "It's Easier to Fool People than to Convince Them that They have been Fooled." - Mark Twain. "One Sure Mark of a Fool is to Dismiss Anything that Falls Outside His/Her Experience as Being Impossible." - Farengar Secret-Fire - Skyrim.

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