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April 11, 2019
My Dog Understands Conversational Language
by Thrasymachus, Apr/27/2020
For him to understand what people are saying, he only needs to be paying attention. You don't have to talk to him like a dog. When I'm on the phone, he listens in and gets excited if he hears me talking about something fun we might do. It got to where I started spelling things rather than say the words, and then he started getting excited if he hears me spelling words, so that stopped ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
new Rick and Morty episodes
by Thrasymachus, Apr/25/2020
So the newest 5 episodes that came out in December, the first time I saw them I was a little disappointed, but I rewatched them all over the last couple days, and I've revised my opinion. They're really good! There should be more new ones pretty soon, and I am much more stoked on that. Its nice to have stuff to look forward to.
April 11, 2019
Saturday Afternoon Ramblings
by Thrasymachus, Apr/18/2020
I'm writing this now. Got my 2020 fishing license today. I like fishing. Its very peaceful if you aren't a fish. The Poo Sandwich Philosophy: Life is like a poo sandwich; the more bread you've got, the less poo you have to taste. You're reading this now. Why is there something, rather than Nothing? Really cold weather makes picking up dog crap way less heinous. The now is the ... Read the whole post
No photo
Hello ALL!... How have you been?
by Gab, Apr/17/2020
April 11, 2019
How Much Longer In Isolation?
by Thrasymachus, Apr/17/2020
I don't know about you, but it's really starting to get to me. It turns out that I am (or at least I was) a far more sociable person than I thought. OMG I could use a hug... How much longer will the economy be shut down? Hopefully it will remain shut down for however long that's the prudent thing to do, but still, will it ever fully recover from this? I mean, many small ... Read the whole post
Be Happy
Saturday Morning Babbling (why did I write Saturday? I'm losing it)
by Eric1960, Apr/15/2020
What did we ever do without the internet? There is a song covered by Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons. I heard it long ago but paid mind to the words this time. They begin with brutality: "Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars" The 2nd verse ends with a metaphor worthy of a 13 year old: "Love is like a stove burns you when it's hot" It continues with a new melody and ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Not Sinking Into Depression...
by Thrasymachus, Apr/13/2020 know, because the whole stinkin' World feels like its coming unglued and stuff. Well let me tell ya, the weather here is not helping. Its snowing sideways outside right now! 2 days ago it was 65 (f) and sunny, all the snow finished melting into mud that looked likely to be drying soon, and now today a windy blizzard hits, and it feels for all the World that the end is nigh upon ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
by Thrasymachus, Apr/07/2020
This just in: The CDC is reporting that corpses of people killed by Covfefe-19, the TrumpVirus, are now reanimating and eating the brains of the living. The Surgeon General advises staying inside to avoid both the TrumpVirus, and having your brain eaten. President Trump welcomes this new zombificatory development, as Gallup shows him polling at 100% with people that have no brains. When asked ... Read the whole post
Just me...
My sympathies to the Philippines...
by Gohan, Apr/06/2020
So, I talk to several people from the Philippines, some I have known for years and some I've met recently. People from all over the country all tell me the same thing as soon as the subject comes up; people are starving to death all over the Philippines. The government is not helping them, they won't be coming to their aid. I just recently saw a video on Youtube of Duterte basically telling ... Read the whole post
Kind Biotech Chemist
by ChemistD456A, Mar/29/2020
My code Name on Instructables is SHOE0007. I have a lot of neat projects which even surprised me as well. I have 36 Instructables and 24,350 views so far. I also work with R and D stuff as well.
If you're not looking for anything serious, please keep it pushing... No photo, No conversation!
Looking for true love...
by LoveisReal2019, Mar/29/2020
I want someone who truly knows how to love a woman.
sailing 22hrs puerto princesa-manila
Hi i'm Looking for you too!
by salvie76, Mar/23/2020
I am 43 and widowed with kids. I'm just simple, humble, dedicated and have a good heart. Looking for a lifetime partner for the rest of my life. someone can accept me of being me and what i have
April 11, 2019
my old profile answer, in case you're REALLY bored...
by Thrasymachus, Mar/19/2020
An early snow; it's sticking some too, flocking all the blood red and purple Fall foliage white. Stacking up a little on the North sides of headstones. Do the dead know how pretty it is just beyond the soil's darkness an arm's length or so away? I doubt it, but in the quiet of the falling snow, I wondered about that this morning. I'm Rob. My spirit animal is Owl. I read a lot of philosophy (hence ... Read the whole post
Hey Big Guy, stop looking and email me
Spring is on the way
by MaeLouise, Mar/01/2020
Spring is on the way. Is there a guy in Ontario, close to my home town, close to my age looking to start a friendship and see where it leads. That is what I am looking for in life. A partner in crime, to travel with, to share family time with and to just enjoy life.
Hi there
Good Evening. Just my ramblings today.
by ButchinNortheastTX, Feb/22/2020
Good Evening. I'm about to upload some new photos. Am going to buy some land in the city of Longview, Texas. Talked to some city officials about utilities, permits, square footage, etc. Talked to my insurance company and talked to a place that sells storage sheds and cabins along with cabin shells. It's not in the best neighborhood but it's not in the worst neighborhood either. One of the ... Read the whole post
Kinda sorta my expectation
by LucaBlightismyHero, Feb/22/2020
If you're curious, I actually agree quite a bit with what is said here "MGTOW Henry Rollins on women and why you'll never find the right girl" If you haven't run away after that, send me a message, have a chat. Still just testing the waters on this site.
by williampatte, Feb/19/2020
Hello.I am very lonely and live alone.I need to find a woman who is close by to Lake County and is looking for a long-term intimate relationship.I am retired and single with no children.I do like younger women between 35-55 years old,very attractive,and very serious on having an intimate relationship with an older man.I am NOT KINKY, but I DO enjoy a lot of foreplay.An ideal evening for me would ... Read the whole post
Hi there
Just Friends?
by ButchinNortheastTX, Feb/18/2020
Can a male and female be just friends? I do think it's possible and often happens. When I was much younger some women would give me a ride to church or somewhere and some I just worked with. With some exceptions the ones I was most interested in would say something like "Let's not ruin our friendship by getting romantic." It usually angered me that they wanted to be just friends. Now wanting to ... Read the whole post
Hi there
Buying land
by ButchinNortheastTX, Feb/16/2020
I live in an assisted living facility here in East Texas. Anyway, they are taking literally every penny of my Social Security check so I'm looking for another place to stay. I intended and did look for another place to rent but the day before I intended to move thanks to encouragement from my female friend and a hit and run driver which she noticed I received a check from my insurance company ... Read the whole post
Hi there
Can a Christian be a nudist?
by ButchinNortheastTX, Feb/14/2020
Good Morning. There's a subject that I want to talk about but I'm not sure about doing it because we're not suppose to post anything offensive. Of course, for some people just saying "Good Morning" could offend some people but that's not what there talking about. But I think I will at least try to discuss the issue. The issue is most definitely controversial. If you read my profile it states ... Read the whole post
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