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January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"You have inherited $1000000. How would you spend it?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/05/2019
Well I'd buy that '73 Pantera I've been drooling over, hire Tool to play a party at my house, and spend the rest on drugs and alcohol for the party. Remember, I'll be dead in a week or less - my Pantera goes about 220 mph and I'm gonna be too loaded to drive well, so don't give me any shit about how irresponsible that is blowing all the money like that; I don't want to hear it. (Or....maybe ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What car do you drive? What car would you like to purchase?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/04/2019
(These questions are less than inspired, but I've become addicted to doing this; I made need fixing, perhaps through daring deed of some other's inexplicable metacognitive abilities: who knows?) Right now I'm driving that black Ford F150 with the icicle mohawk (posted a couple pics of it), but I'm not sure how long its going to last - he has some rust issues and might not be worth repairing, and ... Read the whole post
Hello Everyone, Blessed be.
Timeless Music
by Guitarist22, Mar/01/2019
I wanted to see if anyone had the same interests in music as me. I am 22 years old and I listen to music from the 60s 70s and 80s. if anybody has any recommendations on different bands that they consider timeless message me or comment on this post.
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What are you currently dreaming of?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/01/2019
Not so much of a what, but a who of my dreams (she knows who she is...). Very Happy
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"How does your ordinary day look like?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/01/2019
(Look at the grammar on that question...) My everydayness begins with a pot of coffee, not unlike clockwork. Then I take stock of the housekeeping situation and get my workers arranged (or decide to do it myself later if it's just like one room). Then I shovel snow. Then I go cross country skiing (with Mr. Chonk) for a couple hours - eat and shower and open the motel. From 2:30 - 9:00 I have ... Read the whole post
Hy Ya!
by TenderlyYours, Mar/01/2019
I appreciate the simple things in life. Like a good cup of coffee, a long intimate conversation with a good friend into the wee hours of the morning. Or saying good morning to someone and their eyes light up when they respond. I believe if we can see the simple things with appreciation they bring joy to our hearts. Life then has so much more meaning and is so much more rewarding.
No photo
by Gab, Feb/27/2019
Its very hard to tackle things about RELIGION, for people come to a different religions with different beliefs , which might not be same as MINE. Ive been told once by a friend, that if I want to be rich, I should build up my own religion and gather people..which is somehow I believe is TRUE..but my interest dont lies on building religion, thats a huge responsibility to handle..besides, I am not ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Could you forgive your loved one for cheating on you?"
by Thrasymachus, Feb/27/2019
Yes, but I would not stay with her.
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Describe your ideal romantic dinner"
by Thrasymachus, Feb/26/2019
(This question is kind of lame. It neither sets up a fun smart-assed answer nor any interesting serious answer that I can imagine. (I'm pulling these from the site's suggested writing whatsit prompts you know.)) Steak and Lobster sounds good, somewhere quiet with proper company. (That's about all I've got for this. (Hey Gab - whatcha think of these original and not-just-quoted musings? ... Read the whole post
Just me...
Ladies, just a reminder...
by Gohan, Feb/26/2019
If you are being harassed by some perv for nude photos of you or something like that, don't hesitate to report them. I hear it about the same people on here and no one apparently reports them. Report them! It's on their profile page as a small link under the "Send Friend Request" button. Don't let these people chase you off the site. Report them and let the admins deal with them. It's one ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"When did you fall in love for the first time?"
by Thrasymachus, Feb/25/2019
I was about 5 years old, and my first love was a kitten about of about 6 weeks old, and yes, it was genuine article love. When it comes to human women,the fact is that I fall in love way too fast and easy; I wonder how it is that everyone doesn't, I mean, no joke here, I have never had even a one night stand with someone I wasn't in love with for at least that one night. (Seriously. I'm not ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
What trait of your character do you find the most appealing?
by Thrasymachus, Feb/22/2019
Easy: my mortality. The gift of death awaits me, and if it didn't, I could not do this. But now I'm looking at this aspect of my existence and thinking that it is not so much a trait of my character, but more of a character of the existential reality of the being of all human beings. I guess a trait of my character would be less universal. I don't know, maybe my intelligence, except that its ... Read the whole post
Just me...
Shoutout to the Luvfree Staff!
by Gohan, Feb/21/2019
I would just like to give some props to this website for a minute. I have been coming here on and off for 7-8 years now and have met some great people a few of which I remain friends with to this day. I have tried many other dating sites and without question, Luvfree is the best one I've ever found and it's really not even close. The features here are great and there are enough good people here ... Read the whole post
Just me...
A few more observations...
by Gohan, Feb/20/2019
I was just reminded of a couple things while talking with a new friend here that I find to be strange about this online world of ours and I wonder if it's really good for people. The first thing is that what is considered to be objectively rude behavior in real life is considered perfectly acceptable online. For example, if you walk up to someone in public and talk with them, they will ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"On The Flies In The Marketplace" by Friedrich Nietzsche
by Thrasymachus, Feb/11/2019
Flee, my friend, into your solitude! I see you dazed by the noise of the great men and stung all over by the stings of the little men. Woods and crags know how to keep a dignified silence with you. Be like the tree that you love with its wide branches: silently listening, it hangs over the sea. Where solitude ceases the market place begins; and where the market place begins the noise of the ... Read the whole post
Hy Ya!
An endless flowering garden
by TenderlyYours, Feb/11/2019
"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you ... I could walk through my garden forever." - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Hy Ya!
One Moment...
by TenderlyYours, Feb/02/2019
“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world.” Buddha
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
There's no life guard on the gene pool!
by Thrasymachus, Jan/31/2019
If you can live inside a slogan or mythology or little self-help story, you may be extremely simple, like a child. Children who never learn to use reason as they span time are simpletons. Simpletons may be born into their simplicity, or they may inculcate it through choosing belief over thinking, and some may believe they've found profundity in children's stories and they wish to be recognized ... Read the whole post
Hy Ya!
Which Wolf is yours?
by TenderlyYours, Jan/31/2019
Once upon a time, a Native American elder was telling his grandson a story of two wolves that live in each one of us and wage a daily struggle for dominance in our lives. One wolf is filled with love, joy, hope, peace, gratitude, optimism, generosity, understanding, humility, kindness, truth, faith, and compassion. The other is a reflection of bitterness, envy, anger, sorrow, guilt, greed, ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
a short Nietzsche quote, but from memory, so please forgive any discrepancies ...
by Thrasymachus, Jan/30/2019
The defective personality takes its revenge upon whoever is unfortunate enough to meet it.
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