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January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What present would you like to get for your birthday this year?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/26/2019
How about a '73 Pantera.
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
No Collusion
by Thrasymachus, Mar/25/2019
It seems all a body would need to know is that an e-mail from the Russians claiming dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of their ongoing support of the Trump campaign was responded to by Jr. with, "If it's what you say it is, I love it!" This response of course led, unawares to The Donald, to the meeting in Trump Tower (and here is where we get to KNOW there was no possibility of collusion) where ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
by Thrasymachus, Mar/24/2019
The March Basho just ended. Hakuho tore off 15 wins in a row to take home the Emperor's Cup, again; a career pinnacle sort of performance for every other rikishi, and just another perfect tourney for the Ichiban man. I'm surprised more people here (in the USA) don't follow Sumo. We definitely support the other combat sports, and it's so old and full of honor and tradition, an exploration of ... Read the whole post
Hy Ya!
Riddle me this....
by TenderlyYours, Mar/23/2019
I can be blind, I can be powerful, I can be difficult, deep, complicated, and tender at the same time. What am I? (The answer is once again in comments)
Just me...
"Severed" by Mudvayne
by Gohan, Mar/22/2019
So, this is an old song (2000) and is one of the best metal songs I've ever heard. The lyrics are hard hitting and meaningful, but very raw which is why I love metal. This song comes from a place of deep pain and anguish which I can relate to maybe more now than when I was younger, but not really in the same ways. Since we're posting lyrics, I figured I would make it a doozy. This song played ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"WAX" by 45 Grave
by Thrasymachus, Mar/22/2019
Dead like a piece of old wax, Non existing and all burned out Thrown away and broken Unwanted and unloved It's takes all things to be like wax Useless and unwanted A cruel way to end But its essential to the way of life Just like a piece of wax Molded and hardened Lit and extinguished with a blow Nothing but wax Existing for the benefit of being blown out Melt me down Existing for ... Read the whole post
Hy Ya!
All of Me by John Legend
by TenderlyYours, Mar/21/2019
All of Me - John Legend - What would I do without your smart mouth Drawing me in, and you kicking me out Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down What’s going on in that beautiful mind I’m on your magical mystery ride And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright My head’s under water But I’m breathing fine You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind 'Cause all ... Read the whole post
I love you if love me... Just smile as much as u want
Its not easy
by charity0227, Mar/21/2019
'''' It's easy to fall in love but its hard to forget''
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What is your best life achievement you can already boast?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/18/2019
(This one is really tough.) So far as Western societal capitalistic achievement goes, I have walked away from it long ago, as from a thumb sucking companion comfort blanket outgrown and no longer missed. Um I guess the things I would name for an answer aren't generally looked at by the general population as life achievements, so I'll say that I am proud of the level to which I have developed my ... Read the whole post
Hy Ya!
by TenderlyYours, Mar/17/2019
I am so glad that some people in this world actually have it all together "rolls eyes"
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Are you a pessimistic or an optimistic person?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/17/2019
No. I'm more of a realistic person, with some measure of freedom from cliche false dichotomies of our historical human contrivance.
No photo
I saw the SIGN???
by Gab, Mar/16/2019
Love is EVERYWHERE... It can even grasp in the AIR.. But right now, It clench on the .... FLOOR!... I unintentionally tossed some kerosene (yeah a kerosene) on the floor a while ago.. And it just soooo cute and amazing how it formed a HEART (💜) that way....!something that I rarely have to witness in every chance. So, I took some picture of it, tho' am not fond of posting PICTURES ... Read the whole post
My Love Song For You
by applesepe, Mar/14/2019
“All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” ― The Beatles “I wanna keep it how it is so, you can never say how it used to be.” ― Beyoncé
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What type of TV programs do you like most?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/13/2019
(This question is better...) Cartoons, sports, and news, but only certain cartoons (like Rick and Morty, South Park, Aqua Teen), certain sports (Sumo, MMA, Boxing, and Hockey), and actual news (PBS Newshour, Face the Nation, Rachel Maddow, etc). (...easily answered and still somewhat revealing.)
Hy Ya!
by TenderlyYours, Mar/12/2019
Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? (The answer is in the first comment to this blog, don't peek now. lol)
I love you if love me... Just smile as much as u want
'' Love each other''
by charity0227, Mar/12/2019
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What real monthly revenue do you dream of?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/11/2019
(Lame question number infinity...) I'm guessing that "real monthly revenue" refers to take home pay, and I don't have dreams of wealth really. Right now I have NO BILLS as the big perky part of my salary/perks package, as in no rent to pay, no phone bill, no electric bill, no gas bill, no cable or internet bill; and my take home pay after taxes (gotta buy my share of bombs and bullets and tax ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What talent would you like to develop?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/10/2019
(Props on today's question...) Painting. I paint. Pictures. I've never taken an actual hands-on art class; I do not draw well; I'm mostly unable to paint what's in my mind's eye; I would like to take a few classes and rectify that.
No photo
Out of Curiosity....
by Gab, Mar/09/2019
If there is one IMPORTANT PERSONAL question you could ASK me... what would it be?... (I promise to give an HONEST answer✋..)
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What pet would you support if a war between cats and dogs took place?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/06/2019
(Seriously - that's the question (riddle: what day comes after Fat Tuesday? Hungover Wednesday (my head hurts))) I would be Switzerland. I have a cat and a dog. They love each other. In the natural world, zoological research indicates that felines have been killing a variety of canines for eons, hunting a surprising number of them to extinction. The war is on. (We should fight war, not ... Read the whole post
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