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  • 7Mikavelli57

    Are men and women in 2023 ready to be in a committed relationship?

    by 7Mikavelli57,Apr/11/2023

    Hello and peace to all! My name is Mikavelli, and I am a psychologist. I have been studying human behavior for a few years now, and I have learned that people will say anything to make you believe in them. Men and women will say that they are ready to settle down and start a family, but are they serious? Too many times, people get into relationships for the wrong reasons and back out of them, ... Read the whole post

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Are you wanting to be a man who is a hero? honest, able and brave?

    by realrobustlady4u,Mar/23/2023

    There is wrong and right. Good and evil. Most important is Rule of Law and holding people accountable for hurting others. I am a peaceful lady who is seeking a true patriot male by my side for true partnership ?. Are you wanting to be a man who is a hero? honest able and brave? Please message me back.

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Special manfriend.

    by realrobustlady4u,Mar/05/2023

    Wondering how to get a true partner. Any ideas? ?


    Silence as Acceptance (Idiom) for Current Time.

    by INTP_CA,Feb/27/2023

    Silence is Consent: a conscept of social interaction, which states that people tend to assume that lack of responce to an action as a tacit approval of that action. He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree. - Latin proverb.


    Important Famous Quotables For Current Time.

    by INTP_CA,Feb/12/2023

    "It's Easier to Fool People than to Convince Them that They have been Fooled." - Mark Twain. "One Sure Mark of a Fool is to Dismiss Anything that Falls Outside His/Her Experience as Being Impossible." - Farengar Secret-Fire - Skyrim.

  • Geelyn

    Need Heart to Listens

    by Geelyn,Feb/12/2023

    "Sometimes what we don't need a Brilliant mind that speaks, what we need is a Heart that listens"

  • no photo

    Be Good Boys & Girls

    by seaward,Jan/25/2023

    Sometimes i wonder if this site is for preteen dating by the sites regulations & rules,Member have to be careful what they are looking for, members have to be careful what they like or dislike, or intrest, what they are looking for in their partners intrest, or even what name you use for profile,Feels like once you place your profile here, itÈs checked by your parents or your local clergy

  • Iamjoy


    by iamjoy,Jan/24/2023

    I thought i finally found the one, but is it normal for someone to reply after few days? it was okay during first few days because he is active in responding, but now he only reply after few days only. Felt so sad, because i was so serious. I respond only to him, i even ignored other guys here.

  • Realrobustlady4u

    Special manfriend.

    by realrobustlady4u,Jan/21/2023

    I am looking for a special man who is local and available. Someone who knows priorities. Anyone else having difficulties finding that someone special? ?

  • Geelyn

    I Sent 46 then i Received 25

    by Geelyn,Jan/19/2023

    Wow! Amazing i never doing this. I should Stop. ?

  • Geelyn


    by Geelyn,Jan/16/2023

    There is nothing wrong if you wait for the right time to love and be loved.

  • GhettoCowboy92

    iso a woman bestfriend to grow with and eventually become more with still hurting from my exwife

    by GhettoCowboy92,Jan/14/2023

    i am 30 years young i have a 2 year old son named Bennett Alexander he is my everything my bestfriend in the whole entire world i just got out of a 8 year marriage she was my only friend for 8 years idk how to be alone just wanna find a sweet girl to grow with and heal with we can mend eachothers wounds and ridd eachothers scars i have trust issues i was lied to most of my marraige so u gotta be ... Read the whole post

  • Geelyn

    "Don't Force Yourself"

    by Geelyn,Jan/14/2023

    "Don't Force yourself into a person or place. "Level Up" and You will find the place where you will fit in.

  • Geelyn

    On this Day

    by Geelyn,Dec/25/2022

    The King Was Born...

  • Steven62


    by steven62,Dec/11/2022

    I guess no women are on here that answer blogs or maybe they are all taken so im gonna leave and look some where different,thk you for the effort

  • Steven62

    hey its me

    by steven62,Dec/08/2022

    I am looking for a woman between 50 &65 near Angleton Texas or 77515 area code and I pray someone answers ?!!!


    They Care + Love Us and Wish to Save Us ALL!

    by INTP_CA,Dec/04/2022

    From a few became over 7 billion in 2012 and 8 billion today (on Nov. 15, 2022, according to the United Nations). What over 8 billion will became growing at a much faster rate? You think we will be around in the coming years and have future generations?

  • Variety

    Friend requests

    by Variety,Nov/20/2022

    How many friend requests have you submitted? How many responses have you received? Why is this harder than finding a needle in a haystack?

  • Variety

    Eyes wide open

    by Variety,Nov/02/2022

    Checking here daily. Fun times to be had! Don't be shy, let's have adventures...

  • Variety

    TV watching

    by Variety,Oct/26/2022

    I enjoy sci-fi, anime, and documentaries

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