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  • Anglebaby18

    Looking for someone near denton tx

    by anglebaby18,Mar/06/2022

    hii im 18 year old and im looking for a man that is in denton or near denton tx who i can have a connection with anyone interested?

  • Jamm_eyah

    Be mine

    by jamm_eyah,Mar/05/2022

    I can say that my searching is over if i already found you ? ? ?

  • LB2021

    to be or not to be...

    by LB2021,Jan/05/2022

    To be or not to be! words cannot express freely but we can do something to be potentially achieve something. Life is tougher than any other people thinks most especially those struggling on a mysterious ways. But then they still on the go and survived! No one will hurt us as much as we do not want our feelings hurt too right? The pandemic brings our life so many changes that even ourselves ... Read the whole post

  • Thrasymachus


    by Thrasymachus,Dec/27/2021

    Apparently it began in a similar manner to Easter, that is, as The Church filling the need to create a holiday on top of the pre-existing "Pagan" holidays of the solar reality so the "Pagans" would stop celebrating the actual return of the days lengthening (in this case, whereas with Easter it was the equinox and fertility rites) in lieu of absolute bullshit. It really worked too... I love the ... Read the whole post

  • Leggyblonde

    going Dutch

    by leggyblonde,Nov/15/2021

    Hi, I find it so confusing when out on a date with a guy I like about food. I generally let him take the lead when it comes to ordering and even paying. Most guys insist on paying but if I think we will not be having a second date I will offer to go halves as it seems the right thing to do. Of course he probably things she is not going to see me again so that is why she suggested it. This ... Read the whole post

  • LonelyAnn143

    Weeping Heart

    by LonelyAnn143,Nov/01/2021

    I am so exhausted in life but I still believe that there is a purpose why fate drags me to this site. I hope this site won't fail me. I feel so blue, my heart is weeping and I am full of regrets in life. I lost a lot of good chances in life. I have failed life. I am scared to live my life alone and I am scared to fall with the wrong one again. There's nothing special about me, I am not a hot ... Read the whole post

  • MSMorra1973

    Value of a man

    by MSMorra1973,Oct/31/2021

    I can value another from basically his HEART! REMEMBER,you are SPECIAL and never doubt that!

  • Thrasymachus

    Coyote In Heat

    by Thrasymachus,Oct/16/2021

    Chonq smelled her as we got out of the Bronco. He immediately began ignoring me and tracking her, then he disappeared into the forest at full speed. He can run about 40 mph through dense forest; apparently she could not, and he was on her in about 200ish yards. I'm even slower than she was, so I heard the commotion for about 5 minutes as I made my way over there through the dense growth, all of ... Read the whole post

  • Sonformomi

    its been almost months

    by sonformomi,Oct/16/2021

    I almost made a steady relationship it was all going steady. I dont know if she knew i was flirting though. In a way it was me picking on her with flirts, as if she didnt want me in the picutre. So i continued these events trying to get in her head. I didnt know it was working at first i kind of got upset. At one point i didnt know why i was saying it anymore. My good friend was laughing and he ... Read the whole post

  • BobbPoetMarly

    Another hot day

    by BobbPoetMarly,Aug/29/2021

    It is another hot day here in Green valley Wv. It is about 85 now with high humididty and will probably reach 90. I am getting ready for church it starts at 12 Mark Simpson the pastor will stop by to drive me there I do appreciate him. Well God bless you folks have a great day.

  • BobbPoetMarly

    The fight is still on!

    by BobbPoetMarly,Aug/28/2021

    17 March 2020 7:59 AM The coin has flipped and tails are hidden The horse has went from dark to light that the devil has ridden Control remains the same only the methods have changed Get ready for everything that you think that you know to be rearranged It will seem wonderful it will seem bright But do not relax we are still in a fight Even those who know and do not sleep Are ... Read the whole post

  • BobbPoetMarly

    Our vicarious life

    by BobbPoetMarly,Aug/28/2021

    8 Nov 2020 9:37 Am Television to get my vision internet to see revision Radio to set the pace and off to work and run the race Eat to fast and shave my face didn't even get a taste Coffee black caffien high kiss the wife a quick good bye didn't even see her face Work all day don't think of life just chasing fuel to keep the lights on Joke with Joe and what do you know lunch is gone ... Read the whole post

  • BobbPoetMarly

    Carry my Life

    by BobbPoetMarly,Aug/28/2021

    22 May 2021 2:58 Carry my life day by day From your hand may I never stray You promiced in you precious book That nothing can take me as to you I look But temptations are strong and I am weak My heart starts to wander then my feet start to sink Between the fingers of your strong hand When in your palm is where I was told to stand I see a wonder and I am enticed A serpant of ... Read the whole post

  • BobbPoetMarly

    The unsolvable riddle

    by BobbPoetMarly,Aug/28/2021

    15 July 2021 5:43 pm An unsolvable riddle thought up long ago By whom it was thought nobody knows Why it was thought has been debated for years It has been disected by skeptics and subjected to jeers Scholars and philosophers regail it as transendant Preachers and teachers regard it with repentance Wars were fought between those who think they know But none have an explaination to ... Read the whole post

  • BobbPoetMarly


    by BobbPoetMarly,Aug/28/2021

    16 July 2021 9:33 Pm Wander me far away from time Where nothing matters or comes to mind Nothing for worry nothing for pain Neither sunshine nor rain No sound or flashing lights No screaming voices or stupid fights Just silence and breathing Just stillness and being Just for a little while Just enough time to find my true smile Copyright © Bobb Marly | Year Posted 2021

  • Thrasymachus

    Two Bags of Snakes

    by Thrasymachus,Aug/26/2021

    Me: Oh shit, dude, put that joint out and eat it - we're getting pulled over. (my brother) Chris: Oh fuck, why? Me: Probably my expired tags. Chris: Damn... (eats half a hooter as I'm stopping) Cop: License, registration and proof of insurance please, sir. Me: (handing him my license) Officer, I'm not gonna lie to you; this piece of crap is unregistered and uninsured. Cop: (shining ... Read the whole post

  • no photo

    Who will know?

    by Jinn,Aug/25/2021

    Who knows the truth about my life? Who will know the truth? Who? How can I find my soulman when everything is not as it seems? When? I'm depressed.

  • no photo


    by Jinn,Aug/25/2021

    Okie, Africa is my consideration. I'm so sick of urban concrete & constraints. Thank you Enya. Nice.

  • no photo

    I don't want. I goddamn don't want.

    by Jinn,Aug/25/2021

    Okie people. Let's get down to work. This time, meaningful tasks that answers to problems. How does the world go back to as it was before? With chat, we should have rights to whether we want to communicate, to feel it. It is my individual human right. And I don't want.

  • no photo

    How many?

    by Jinn,Aug/25/2021

    How many people in the world have never gone for cosmetic or plastic or body enhancing procedures at all? Me. Excluding temporary filler at nose Bridge. But all gone. Confirmed. Never been to any beauty saloon. How many people are real & different from mainstream standards?

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