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Thrasymachus blog post
April 11, 2019

Endoplasmic Reticulum

by Thrasymachus, Sep/02/2020
the unreliability of reality:
deeply concerned with change:
defined by the way they waste their lives:
they considered themselves defiled dancers:
tied to strings of schemes of long dead puppeteers:
often drunk in strident tones he walked:
my stomach growls louder than a red faced preacher:
talk about over reaching the scratching out:
they've got your skin beneath their fingernails:
dull knives and hard cocks spread butter and disease:
it's not any cleaner than my dirty mind:
the tragedy was a comedy of rose tinted glass:
recent empirical studies move towards it:
accepted hypotheses are seldom proven:
anti-realistic science moments:
perspective is everything to the framework:
the boy's life ended early:
the man he became lived on:
bells and whistles and flashes of lightning:
rapid and meaningless monologues:
this particular story sounds good:
Wagner set it to music and called it his own:
now amplified and clipped like wings:
a concentrated hatred:
it was formed centuries later:
misrepresentation is ideal on occasions:
we aren't that much impressed:
the system was nourished by its own frustration:
that former litterbug regressed:
universal concepts of human nature baggage:
cigarette butts of smokes that ended:
superiority of abstract morality:
meticulous attention paid to getting paid:
a new campaign against old bad manners:
another partner of violence:
we always need more time than this:
the nation is modular:
parasites played host and hostess:
change and persistence:
this can be explained:
the day after the beating everything was fine:
ready made definitions of survival:
she died but I didn't:
tragedy alley and lover's leap:
migrating groups of clouds over fallen leaves:
distinctiveness is abhorred:
this much is clear and uncontroversial:
subtlety and depth in the subtext:
wider circulation of the ready made:
ready-to-hand remains truest and most obscure:
exactly when were the good old days:
considerable variations of ethnic subordination:
a faster way to kill more people in development:
open packet add water and microwave on high for a minute:
workbook sold separately:
assimilated liquid on a flat painted surface:
desperately blaming a guy who just works here:
the boss is always away on holiday:
increasing workloads and developmental pressures:
pudding pop time interruption:
servers clients and other workers form a crowd:
many still had fried chicken in their mouths:
three easy steps to weight loss and enlightenment:
angry mobs of disenfranchised boot lickers:
they still can't wait to lick the plate:
a forgotten taste savored in whiskers:
noon dreams of recliner chairs and lotto wins:
sagging jowls and planks too thin:
now you've got a greasy chin:
and all I've got is angst.

style the substance found in the swollen wombs:
a pawn to point:
to point out:
to use and dispose of:
the swollen wombs of the infant politicians:
loyalty found in power, corruption and lies:
there are residual degrees of freedom:
justice becomes possible:
he was seriously led on by the convention:
a long tedious tomb has ensued:
an interior left out of the picture:
record size sensing cams were sensing a record size:
keep the complacent:
fire the rest:
humans no longer possess free will:
they traded it in for the internet and a cell phone:
belt driven love machines:
exquisite zoomorphic vessels:
part of the human species to be sure:
reduced dinucleatides:
moneyed corybants:
none other than he:
compressed fiction relates the best sources of genesis:
all whimsical displays of impunity:
limits to reality:
these words are not my fault:
smooth and quietly grandma stirred the soup:
consequently the change of magnitude was altered accordingly:
two precautions were necessary:
I still don't know what one of them was:
living laboratory I:
no mess no spills:
they can say what they want:
Meso-American scholars and the report on anti-matter possibilities:
I heard he used to be a plumber:
the polemics are absurd:
butt fucked suburban values and their gun toting kids:
civil society sees all:
perspicuously through the eyes of a tinted bug splattered windshield:
stress and tension and thousand dollar weekends at fake spiritual retreats:
compete with neutral reporting neutered by the ratings:
the dominant cultural expression:
passion is the greater attribute:
a cyclic wave-like motion:
it began to spread beyond the suburban residential walls:
making it up as we go along:
graves that date back to the time of real marble headstones:
not a single spelling error:
vivid pictures of fallible virgins:
the rain will drown out the hurt and the anger:
accept the gift of sin and success:
the heartland replaced by a pacemaker:
saved after the final judgement:
only the wealthy exploit and profit:
those who practice take first place:
the echoes of a blue ribbon economy:
registered in cardboard box hovels and freeway off ramp encampments:
his hands pulled the wire that detonated the bomb:
they can say whatever they want:
they couldn't do much without a theory of description:
it had so many features it became unreadable:
blaming the fractured foundation on middle management greed:
responsible people in a suicide pact:
they are abstract and difficult to define:
it had slipped from being objective to the subjective:
all religious experiences reincarnate in the tissue:
appreciable melodies to support this aim:
the issue of undiscovered consumers and letting a child die:
the free energy of each intermediate compound:
a liberal defense over a minor matter:
more issues of qualia and tropes:
the same percepts always reified into worlds of difference:
a certain grouping of behaviors:
the inspired mob smashed the spruced up store front:
knowledge is false when it competes for attention:
passive collectivism:
the ignorance silence cultivates:
a set of values represented here as "P":
a dogmatic binding force contaminated by remoteness:
there is nothing like that rack of faith:
it cannot be accepted logically:
this poses no problems for those who can answer the questionnaire:
it filled nearly four full pages:
corresponding extra constants:
consequences of rapid changes:
they are not imprisoned because they call it home:
even I have my doubts:
plunder and pollute:
one commentator has taken note of this:
poke him in the eye:
political gravity in the form of charmed quarks and nuons:
he strongly agreed because of the future benefits:
the failure of the system:
someone blew the flutes:
distortion and hyperbole:
drainage and pollution:
swamp gas and bad cheese:
I do not represent the faction:
they don't pay me enough for that.

death is a certainty:
the mystery we each solve:
always alone:
always alone:
a new stage of comfort:
the promise of a gift:
all you do is believe this balogna:
if it wears a big hat it must be true:
Pascal's wager:
the odds are in my favor:
culturally significant old books:
countless landmark buildings:
traditions and flowers and so many words:
Christian crucifixion cruelties:
if these old scams fail try these new ones:
she talks to people on the other side:
the joke's on you:
this old suggestion takes meaning as it proceeds:
plastic Saints and jeweled urns:
TV show celebrity ghost translators:
the daughter of a reformed convict dies:
her father blames himself:
burning her memory with shame:
the highest justice conducts bodily fluids:
nothing very definite to do:
build a suitable monument:
maximum phallic suggestiveness:
roughly satisfying by classification:
a separate past and future:
the effect seems at times a little grotesque:
condemned peons:
the betrayal of her husband:
vice and misery ends too:
the ingeniousness of conceit merges with commerce:
billions of dollars dealing with the grieving:
even more from stealing money from fears:
conning the alms enough for more Cadillac cars:
a critical concerned power:
millions of books to buy:
you must read this:
its true:
it says so right inside:
hats robes and titles hide what they think of you:
frocks for fleecing the flock:
unlocking the Pearly Gates:
love documented in self satisfaction:
playing make believe is fun:
don't mind the skeleton key cost:
wipe away the tears:
they're all in a better place:
said countless times in graveyard settings:
if it works for you it works for you:
you're dead and gone and wrong:
its time to shake with horror:
a clean sense of purpose:
I do not use it like a gun:
how good of God:
nobody has a last laugh after:
done well it can be most impressive.

the dreams of the unskilled live on:
alive and well even during the hours of operation:
raw and semi-raw materials:
its always a matter of proper dosage:
another wise choice:
student safety achieved at the cost of beige:
vice principal of content smiling:
inside where it counts the most:
literally immobilized the ghost of luxury:
stabbed in the ass for his trouble:
mushrooms, onions, potatoes and beef:
unable to eat these sexual themes:
more to the point:
pudgy man traditional handicrafts:
divorced the better parents the spoiled brat:
every year there's a record low:
jump up and down to hear the crash:
willful and knowing distortion:
a lack of viable food choices in the lengthy casino buffet:
loss of control you tease me:
growth gives way to decline:
mincing steps:
deepening enterprises:
an intentional bleeding of the gums:
the shakedown was complete:
in fact a lack of everything but noise:
closely examined with great concern:
still they missed what was hiding in the brush:
the Venetian blinds were partly to blame:
but they looked so nice:
bleeding finger shows are legion:
we plan to have a look too:
too simplistic and unpopular to be true:
wealth measured in the size of his drug collection:
another qualified investor turned him down:
clinging to popular reality and known standards of morality:
car care concerns and dependable insurance:
wait for the ink to dry first and then:
calibrate the meat slicer:
services replaced nicer objects:
the portfolio included windmills and a pizza:
systems for illusions of self sufficiency:
structural problems and bad marriages:
posh carriage rides next to the homeless camps:
where's the cops when you need them:
satisfaction level is zero too often:
you don't know unless you know for sure:
if you understand it you can say it:
you can't think beyond the words:
chain stores fast food and sudden urges:
the best man for any job:
popped on the piss test for pot:
its a fine mattress if you like concrete:
symbols and soapsuds float differently:
spontaneous and uninfluenced by useless poems:
rest and format without sagging:
I have to admit I learned something in that hell:
its never the intended curriculum:
this reticulum most repletive and alive:
depleted and ongoing to the end:
the already mentioned expletive outreach programs:
lobotomies and drugs that soothe:
smashing empty bottles to settle it:
once and for all this time again:
faster cars and with more spending money:
rerun it forever and always infinite without beginning:
it doesn't take a village to have an idiot:
burn the witches and cut out my tongue:
I dare you to try:
I'm that bored with pondering my possibilities and living this one bent line:
shirking sensible responsibilities:
prioritizing the polarizing thought provoking fire:
a barbecued fish:
a correlation matrix:
special offers:
the mourners gathered in their drabbest outfits:
I did not see a single anchor shaped button or cuff link:
don't suffer so much:
the absence is present:
no modern dramatic first world problems can compare:
reborn in the West from a biting fly past:
her passion for pillow mints in early retirement:
this led in turn to positive reviews:
well fed cockroaches and limp dick explanations:
eventually he could stand no more of it:
praying daily to experience a bit:
spontaneous human combustion and other myths:
the real reason the guy was so high:
hands bound with a silk neck tie:
the dead look in the eyes:
feeling the sky in the pie:
I'm sure there's never been Nothing:
I would happily die to know why.

the terror of language:
demonstrations ministrations and morality:
adequate psychology of meanings:
equitable readers are created equal:
the social role of the garden mole:
even so:
depressing nominations for office:
mothers of amendments inject further depression:
organic blueberry bankruptcy cobbler:
get it while its hot:
neocolonial phases:
shooting phrases praising cooperation:
the gang rapists agree:
your fine filigree scrimshaw adds nothing of substance:
true or false mixed with multiple choice laziness:
what can you do about it:
Modus Ponens never lies:
a world of paper:
a world of words:
a world of chains:
the form and content differ from intent:
formalities of reckless collection agencies:
we all know what intent is:
modern media with all its options:
deceiving appearances:
placebo sugar pills:
smooth edges reflecting integration with natural disasters:
mayhem and murder and now this commercial:
number among the famous poetic productions:
the probe returns to an empty unlit stage:
department store mergers:
unique and unchanging:
dynamic relationships reveal a sterile beginning:
Zeno's paradoxes against motion fly away:
midnight and noon and more autistic escapism:
imprisoned in the volcano's veil of ash:
real people keep their own art galleries with them:
diagnostic criteria of underwater symphonies:
Trotsky had his say at last:
they need to get the revolution done right this time:
such a monumental project requires mountains of donuts:
analytical judgements floating forever free:
while empty chicken buckets get soggy and sink:
their main objectives remain the same:
their Pyrrho plastic objections differ greatly:
difficult but not impossible:
this cleansing of languages:
incorrect presuppositioning always conforms to our communal enemies:
banning useless nonwatershed friendly events and phrases:
scalping burns the song and it stinks:
actively exchanging gasses:
passively combining with oxygen:
seen from afar the difference is subtle:
acquiescent and non judgemental religious types unite:
while bleating idiots swell their ranks:
literary terrorists and relation-free values fight:
everything is to the death:
stop qualifying the ubiquitous:
I'm a tourist not a victim:
so many imagined enemies:
dubious merit dominates the awards show:
the author's rage cited unreadable articles:
for revenge and to remain unconfirmed:
won the case but was always disliked for it:
still they joined forces to save money:
perfection tarnished:
what if the real deep answer is dull:
what if the three legged elephant steps on another land mine:
the drunks are mostly harmless escapist folk:
please step over them as you cross the sidewalk:
well positioned to pounce quickly if necessary:
pugilists usually have their reasons:
remaining equidistant from the same point:
progress is a pleasant illusion.

images in the poem are the poem:
the central focus is left:
behind that's all there is to it:
the bustling becomes electric:
all or nothing time never came:
stray bullets kill the best kids in the worst neighborhoods:
God had to calibrate the legume cutter right then:
third eye pimple:
independent Tantric practitioners:
saloon girls belong to the establishment:
Yoga with justice or anything for the orgasm:
don't knock it till you try it:
there is enough beige in the world without you fitting in:
here comes everyone:
American concentration camps are mostly redundant:
'miracle' means 'somewhat unlikely' now:
lime juice ghost pepper gasoline flavoring:
stupidity masquerades as genius:
pre-birth paperwork errors put my kind on the surface of this sphere:
pray to the Holy bureaucracy:
the dog's dew claw keeps breaking:
how I kept from smashing my window into this mess:
masturbation is better than sex with disgusting people:
so many flabby arms:
so few dirty needles:
too busy for fixing erroneous paperwork flubs:
every day I prayed for a hot shot:
sea faring we see Ferring Pharma's plastic in the sea:
this is our planet to kill:
the environment's not as important as employment and GDP growth:
stock options and overall net wealth gains over time:
his hands were seen missing:
graphic matter exposed deficiencies of a variety of nutrients:
new strains in development to withstand the new strains in life:
don't worry about that:
the knife in my back has always been there:
take a vinegar bath and relax:
take an acid bath vacation:
take this pill and lose my number please:
young nurse unbridled ethnic excellence:
transmitting the thunder of an avalanche:
transmuting poison into water then blood then wine:
a divine vintage for discerning communion palettes increased patronage:
the Tantric grunion run was as fun as the regular one:
fucking free fish all over the beach either way:
me and that one kid had a fish fight that night:
many were burnt alive in bonfires:
the smell of burning witches pleases the pious:
burning live grunions made the children laugh:
I sometimes like the sound of breaking glass:
loaded with gold the donkey said no:
whipped by the ass the miner sat down to think about reburying it:
too bad he never heard the word irony:
nuts fruits and flakes filled the bowl:
but the fruits weren't allowed in the pews until they had money:
the other apes remained silent to avoid the IRS:
dolphins and whales declared war:
that's when we knew they're smart like us:
my friend tried to cut out his own heart out with a broken brick:
he should have gone to sleep or used a knife:
now he has the scars of a sometimes interesting life:
the coincidences piled up and collapsed the probability shell:
until there were these particular forms in reality:
one imaginary dead cat was a small price to pay:
early Jewish sacrifices fowled the air for over a thousand years:
please pluck the poultry prior to the pyre:
shifting winds spelled payback and misfortune:
brains exploited and exported on trains:
to this day hippies hold the showers in contempt:
responsibility rolls down the hill with the unused optional word no:
bigger bombs and better delivery methods are always in development:
contemplating the merits of progress won't stop it:
something you can count on more than your fingers:
pay your renamed taxes and stop complaining:
the new unconfederated flags were unfurled this morning:
we need to build a higher steeple:
the cost of human military spending could feed the world:
but then there would be nothing to protect the people:
a singular niche:
no objectives really:
unlock the secrets of a cheap bleached bread:
the house desperately needs cleaning:
back to back pondering episodes:
thumbnail sketches deemed terminal:
smugly unable to believe their acts:
the normal universal salesman.

certain pertinent issues must arise:
the laws of development and fungibility or usability:
that rickety ride on wheels made of sticks for instance:
well of course it broke and we walked:
and it never ends there:
two hours in a traffic accordion:
angry motorists pumping universal rhythm:
the harmony is called boredom:
my favorite revolutionary has a cyst:
twisted phonological properties:
internal altercations:
sonority sequencing principles:
theories of risk bearing:
living like a rabbit on a spit:
it agrees best with the night:
the destructive force of wind:
whipping all dignity raw:
full stop for two bars:
elementary by aspect:
the ratio was all wrong:
non high vowel shift:
in a moderately relative position:
inquisition of a hungry cannibal:
non canonical admissions:
it required big hard steel balls:
soft adjudication of interstate events:
content and purpose:
punished by a fine:
judgements and other uncertainties:
all thoughts perish:
intrigued by the delineation process:
the frozen procession keeps marching:
a measurement approximation shall suffice:
surplice cut the square root of pi:
in rather more detail than I would need:
a sufferer of love's tender melancholy I:
more than mere drilling decisions:
now that we've achieved a fuller understanding:
probable small losses of early traditions:
the art of savage constitutions:
situationally specific applications:
stretching the theory to fit reality:
oral tract stricture neglected yet remaining:
the mushroom cloud was still dissipating:
no my friend I have not forgotten:
targets of sensation and experience:
it cannot be undone:
their former forms require no decomposition:
immoral and useless and wasteful:
the economy of military spheres:
eliminated by aspects and degrees:
hot flashes of the capitalist creed:
leather chairs and long faces:
cherished memories of heartfelt consolations:
at the mercy of words:
the singing birds are silenced:
progressive action manifesto:
liquidation of wealth and faction:
a small fraction of the killing had to happen:
business flourished and the sea level rose:
high time to do something yesterday:
give it up now while you can:
don't heed the high-paid advisor's advice:
fuck this up yourself your own way:
nothing really matters forever:
all bad things come to an end.

Finnegan's not awake:
power, greed and corporations gather like clouds over the Congo basin:
hiding places in goats:
the music changes key but not tempo:
exploration of their failure proved profitable at last:
dynamic aesthetics for sale:
the elimination of extraneous elemental evils:
I won't buy my soul for a sheep:
a continuing thrust of nothing:
the liberal explanation:
mostly favorable sentimentality to be sure:
shards of the teapot broken in the tempest:
protean pouring processes produce nonsensical noise:
painfully slow change:
free will verses paperback pulp crap:
gourds, cactus and some other tubular vegetable matter persists:
don't lean out of the car window please:
less sensational but more productive coverage:
dead on the vine empty mines commonly house tripping hippies:
beyond the initial peaceful interaction lies the worm:
road shoulder shopping carts rusting quietly near beer cans:
petroleum rainbows in the gutter:
a sore spot fashioned out of a flower:
conceptualizing the multi-polarity shift is fruitful sometimes:
sufficient beauty apperceived:
to bud from membranes collectively insists:
resist the second impulse:
a wild agony has been imprisoned:
survival of the anti boat rocker:
the fittest most honest die first:
dissent and controversy over moral regulation:
target the organelles:
the effectiveness is a grotesque betrayal of truth:
temptation controls the climate when it can:
abstract and meaningless word combinations spelled doom:
expansion and prosperity killed the buffalo herd:
in a single sentence he sold the world:
concluding remarks with an empty hand where the lost remote goes:
the TV had the last say concerning the dangers of infidelity:
pure academic brilliance with no practical application:
surrounded by suburbia wallowing in the bog of sprawl:
runners up to the finalists pride themselves too:
the uncertain outcome is not only why we play the game:
every contestant must first exist:
we can't resist the only game in town.
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