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    by littleStar,Nov/06/2017

    ANYONE HERE WHO CAN ENTER THE CHATROOM? :?: COZ I CANT ENTER, I have something to update in able to enter the chatroom? I hope the admin can read this, is the chatroom really exist. Thanks! :oops: :x

  • LittleStar

    B L O C K E D

    by littleStar,Sep/27/2017

    Go on and blocked me, I don't care! 8) Who are you to judge me?! Just because I didn't answer your lusty question? Funny that this is the 2nd time you've blocked me, because of the same situation? Maybe it's my fault for giving you a chance to talk to me again. Lol. I have a harsh attitude you said? Oh cmon.. I've talked to you in a way that I know, but I think you've reach the limit ... Read the whole post

  • LittleStar


    by littleStar,Sep/22/2016

    Hello everyone?! How's your day? How was your experience in this site so far? I wish I can be your friend and talked sometime. I really loved to make new friends from all over the world :P :) and hear or listen to their story, laugh with them, share our thoughts. It's really sad when someone just rejected my request, but I do understand them as well. If you are reading this, im happy and ... Read the whole post

  • LittleStar

    WHERE ARE YOU "pdawg1988?"

    by littleStar,Jul/16/2016

    Shout Out to my Big Brother, BEST friend, partner in crime named pdawg1988.. did you deleted your profile? oh gosh! you didnt say goodbye..Its really sad without your messages in my inbox...your my buddy since my first day here... But i think,youre with your girl already! and im very happy for you! i hope youre always better! you really deserved to be loved and shes lucky having a boyfie like ... Read the whole post

  • LittleStar

    the untrue

    by littleStar,Jan/27/2016

    There was a guy, i've just met here..he was so nice to me. And so I am. I asked him to accept my friend request, but he couldn't figure it out,how this goes, because he was only new here..but then, as a 3days user, I teach him how this work. And then, that's it's! we chat and chat, whenever I have a free time. He always asked for a long message coming from me but I didn't know what to say,to make ... Read the whole post

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