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Finding a Geeky Gamer girl should NOT BE IMPOSSIBLE

by Shinjorai,Aug/02/2022

Im a 47 year old guy. I have a lot of geeky hobbies and interests. I hate that word it sounds so silly and dorky lol but whatever. I love things like sci fi fantasy and horror. I love a good comedy thats off the wall i love to laugh act goofy and have a good time.

I used to be into tabletop RPGs back in the day. I still play a lot of video games and im TRYING to find a decent kindhearted woman that shares these interests. But it seems like everybody has zero interest in the things im into as far as women go. I know they exist because i have at least 3 or 4 friends who are women i game with. We are great friends and im not interested in them romantically. But it just proves the point of what im saying they ARE out there but how do you find them??

Every website thats focused on geek/nerd dating or whatever you want to call it seems pretty dead or they want you to pay and im not sure if any of them are legit enough to risk my money. You know all of these apps and things now a days seem like a giant scam. Im recently divorced, was married for 23 years and so at first i went all in on this dating stuff. I subbed to a few apps and sites. I paid. One said i had like 40 likes or something btu of course theyre blurred and behind a paywall. So like an idiot i paid becuase you know i genuinely do want to meet somebody. I believed like a fool and got suckered in. So then of COURSE they are all people from other countries a billion miles away no way in hell it would probably ever work. I mean im not saying i would be opposed to dating somebody from another country on the contrary that would be amazing. But im saying in a realistic sense it was probably all a scam to get me to pay their fee for that app.

Im not the greatest looking guy in the world but ive met a few women, went on a few dates. Even when things are working out it feels like theres always some issue. Main one being i have these niche hobbies and interests and i have like ZERO idea how to find the type of woman im wanting it feels like looking for a radioactive needle in a haystack and the haystacks on fire surrounded by angry p1ssed off orcs with laser weapons and some weirdo in a kangaroo suit wanting to touch my junk and borrow a quarter. I mean WHY??

These industries, sci fi, fantasy, horror, video games. All that stuff they are billion and trillion dollar industries so i know the women are there. Why for the love of god are they so hard to find???? lol I dont get it. Other than my interests in these things im a fairly normal guy i like to fish, i love the outdoors, walks in nature, pets and animals. I love history especially ancient history, philosopy, psyche, i build and repair PCs and do some computer networking. I write poetry and am a spiritual and artistic person as well. So i feel like im intelligent, im kind i have a lot to offer somebody. The right person but how do you find them?

My favorite is when you message people and theres no reply. I LIVE FOR THAT NOW lmao. Seriously my whole reason for getting out of bed. I was in bed earlier and i was like i think ill just stay here and then i was like naah screw it im gonna get up and get ghosted and write some letters to imaginary people. You should try it. It will change your life! Not saying for the better. But it will DEFINITELY change it. Also your youll lose that...dont worry it doesnt hurt you wont feel a thing....

Anyways if ANYBODY knows any sites or you are a woman with geeky nerdy interests and would be interested in talking please message me or if you can reply to these blogs thats fine too. I am just at a loss and new to all this online dating stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to read this rambling small novella and I hope you have a good rest of your day.

Best of luck and wishes too on your dating endeavors. ?

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