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subsonique blog post
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The Mystery of Vibrations

by subsonique, Aug/26/2010
Every song is unique though it is made of the same nodes. A song is not merely as piece of music as in also contains lyric that blends with the music and the human emotions. It also has the characters which the listener imagines from his soul.
Every man can be imagined like a song which is made of unique combinations of nodes which are never same. Every person initially understands other people from books and from elders who describe every person as unique and individual.
We remember them by different names like father, mothers, uncles, friends, etc.
In the world of science, everyone is defined and every one has to be treated differently.

How many descriptions of person one can remember?
How many nodes of a song one can remember?
Ten, hundred or a thousand?
Surely, there is a human limitation in memory.
One can never remember every song that has been created in the world.
A man who plays a song by remembering a node can not play a new song as he fails to understand the rhythm of song.

Even after such a person learned to play thousands of song, all he remembers is the nodes and not the emotions and the meaning of the rhythm and music that makes the song beautiful and pleasant.
In the same way, if a person tries to define every person and learn him from others, he soon gets confused as his memory start failing him.
Moreover, the person does not turn out to be as he was described as people keep on changing.
All books of sciences and psychology are like the books that have the rhythm of the old songs. One can remember them by heart and fool the people around of his memory and authority.
Yet even after remembering the nodes of millions of song, a person continue to remains as musical illiterate as he was when he started to learned the music.

The key of knowing a person is to know him like a song that is unique, has a meaning and which triggers an emotion in other persons. It is through this emotion that one understands not only the nodes, but also the feeling that are hidden behind every beautiful song...The real test of this knowledge is that a man having music sense can play any song automatically at his wish.
Many people commit the mistake of knowing other men from books. They read hundreds and thousands of books and develop knowledge of men based on these books only to find that they have totally misunderstood the person and humanity.
The real knower of the men does not posses any (written) knowledge of man. He simply knows every person within split second of his first meeting with him.
He just understands the vibration of the person.
Scientists have proven that every material being has his own frequency or vibration. Every instrument, though have similar nodes do not have identical nodes.
It is for this reason that the same song when played at different instrument can easily be identified as different.

Every person too has unique voice. One can easily identify the person who is singing the same song from his unique voice.
When we can easily distinguish every singer without any effort, we also possess the ability of knowing every person without any effort.
Yet why do we commit mistakes in judging people?
Because, we focus more on remembering the form (tune) rather than understanding the (formless) tune from within soul.

Every person has inborn capability to know any other person. Yet in the modern world, the seeds of bias are sown in the mind of every person at an early age.
People forget to listen to their heart and soul and can listen only to their teachers and books, who can only teach them the world of form.
Yet the teaching at school only helps the person to trigger the knowledge that lies hidden in his chest since his birth. The day, the person starts looking inside for the answer rather than from outside, he would be surprised to notice, how easy it is to know and understand people.
Once he develops the capability of understanding people, the world becomes his friend and relative rather than enemy and stranger.
Even societies, consisting of large number of people produce it own vibrations that are unique. Thus one can gradually understand the vibration of society and then gradually the vibrations of the world.
The real test of understanding of the vibration is that one who is in tune with the world can understands the cause and reason for each happening in this world.
Due to his ability to understand the world, he can also influence the world either for his own sake or for the sake of the world.

Knowing people is an automatic knowledge that has to emerge from within (soul). The signals of the vibrations are all over, yet one has to tune himself to understand the vibrations.
Every person can do it, only if he follows these steps

The first important requirement to achieve anything in life is faith or belief in the self and the world. One must believe that such knowledge indeed is possible. The biggest proof is that we can see all around us many such people who seems to get along well with people and live life in harmony with each other. Thus one must believe first that such knowledge is possible. And he must have the confidence that like any other person understand such knowledge.

Seeing Beyond Forms:
The knowledge of the vibration of living being is without any form. It can not be expressed in words...The only way to know the formless is by breaking all forms one by one. Hence one has to break free of all descriptions and definition of a person, he has ever learned from books or from other people. It is a rule that every person must have a name in this world as the people always use words to identify a person. In reality, there is no relationship between the person and the name which his or her parents have given to the person. The worldly description of a person by using the world like good or evil, legal or illegal, moral or immoral are just our method to define a person or a society. Yet no word can ever define a person just like no name can define a person.

Change Your Paradigm:
Instead of dividing the people and the world into good or bad, imagine the whole world as the body of a person and each individual as a cell of the body. Each cell is connected with each other by an invisible force and it is a part of the whole. If one cell get fiver, the rest of the cells too have the same degree of fiver. Though man has given name to every possible cell, calling some as good some as bad, some as public some as private, some a beautiful some as ugly, some visible and others non visible, yet in reality all cells are equally important for the body. Only when all cells work harmoniously with each other, a man can enjoy health and happiness. If even a single cell becomes cancerous, it can kill all other cells and the body. This thought was expressed by Einstein in following words "A human being is a part of a whole, called by us "universe", a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

Self Knowledge:
Once you have developed the feeling of being a part of the whole, the next step is to listen carefully the vibration of the person by aligning your vibration with it. The only method to measure the frequency of an instrument is by comparing its frequency with another instrument of similar frequency (That is why all instrument players tunes their instruments before a concert). It is similar to playing a musical instrument, when you touch the chord and compare the nodes with the node that lies in the heart of yours. It may not be same in the beginning, yet with some practice you can discover the right nodes on the synthesizer by hit and trial. This process of discovery has to be practiced and gradually one can find a great coordination between the mind and the hand. Just like one can sing any song as per his desire and the vocal cord automatically adjust themselves to produce such tune, the hands of the person too get tuned on the instrument and the nodes are discovered automatically just by the desire.

Once you have developed some understanding of the vibrations, you have to practice it repeatedly. The test of perfection comes, when one is able to accurately predict he behaviour of the other person from his intuition. He knows IT without knowing. Another test of knowing a person is to influence the person from your thoughts. If you have synergized the person with you, you can play any tune as per your desire by touching the right chord of the person. Thus the other person would do the same thing as you would like him to do. If there is a discrepancy and the person does not play the same tune of your mind, it is because you have touched the wrong nodes. Try correcting it till you can get the right nodes.

With repeated practice, one can develop his sixth sense of understanding the vibration of the people intuitively. This gives rise to another sense in the person as people can go even beyond person and understand the vibration of the society, which is created due to the vibration of a large number of people. He can understand the rhythm of the people and influence the society at his will. Many great leaders like Gandhi could develop their ability to communicate with the people even without knowing them or even without coming face to face with them. They could simply touch the cord of the vibrations of the society and every person does vibrate in their way. This is the quality of all leaders who can influence the minds of millions or even billions of people from their desires.

Understanding the world from books and literature is futile as the soul of the person is formless. No forms or words can define something which is formless, though the formless is always manifested in some form. One can understand the man only from invoking the soul in him which is formless. Galileo echoed the same thoughts when he said,"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself."
Discover that truth from within and understand the world what it is.
Then you are ready to live and enjoy the harmony of the world.
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