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Thrasymachus blog post
April 11, 2019


by Thrasymachus, Jul/28/2020
I'm a little under the weather
So to speak.
Caught a cold methinks...
(Or is this Covfefe-19
The novel TrumpVirus again?)

Clowns are for children, but
Clowns are scary.
The Pope is for scared children, but
The Pope wears a clown hat.
Sometimes clowns are fun.
The Pope is never fun.
So maybe the Pope is a boring clown, or
A sick clown.
Or maybe its just the cold and flu medicine talking again

(and tagging along with the sickness and chicken,
potato salad, ribs ((((showing)))) & tinnitus
Comes something to brag about
At your next bouncing boring brain barbecue
(If you're wiring harness
Is anything like the one in my spine,
Washing Dimetaps down with DayQuill warps time
Into a watercolour fingerpainting in a shower
With funhouse mirror walls;
I highly recommend it
(Although it has done quite a number on my spelling abilities
(This a friendly nod to technology),
And my normal thinking voice
(The one "in my head")
Sounds like its screaming at me
Down some long and foreign hallway, replete with distortion
Echoes making hallucinatory sound-painted echo entities
Go full carnival barker trying to recruit me
For their quazi-existentialist AAA farm league
Neo-post-Zorastorian religion (in my head?
(in whose head?)))));

There just isn't any solid criterion of decideability on such issues,
But I bet it'll stay crunchy in milk
For hours on end,
Tails on ends even.
And now for your post-modern perusal and
Virtual stimuli with possible entertainment replacement value,
Get a pants load of this shit right here:

it's been growing longer climbing up the proverbial walls: in fits and spurts: just did it again: might've been better shorter: Jesus saves His first drafts, not me: I heard He blew through the holes in His hands just to hear them whistle: nothing ventured nothing lost: still stones gather no moss in the desert: hoping for rain is a predictable response to dog diarrhea in the lawn: hope is free: you can't take it with you: the price of Being is your life: prof-verbial proof: I'm growing on you now: forgotten story's simple query: I almost always put the dyslexicon in the front or the back of the koob: let's prove it: ring first: here's my forever clear 200 lightning proof liquid courage fuel test: come with me you'll see: two poetic situations always arise: nobody really predicts the result: topological methods in (pre-Papal research grants) cardinal unity: Korean Pearls and the construction of the Forgotten War: first ring twice: then unfurl the deconstruction of recalled wars: flagging the court of lost and last appeals: please get it (JUST GIBBERISH??? (nay...) -answer the phone: aye, I mean, they always do everything that gets done don't they: transitional intellectuals consider their options: the injustice: inhumanity: misery: assonance: not merely some painful ardor when sight is lost: ring-ring-ring: pick this up, its driving me nuts: forgotten visions of the Post Cold War: possible worlds gliding away: liquefy fear and history: the simple nasality of it all: obtrusive syllables: oblique parables: and don't forget about the paradoxes, menaces and contradictions: so much labor for sweet rampant obtuse apparancy: too much laziness bitters yellow on tangent reality's self reflections: happiness is not an argument: keeping up appearances: with a rakish tilt to the hat he says: what is, is the case, and nothing more: theology murmured "...without injury..." on and on: lots of not a lot of inquiry either: yet another ring: but this one's on a finger: the vital quietude backdrop settles in: extemporaneous flood of words: an anachronistic loudness calls out to destiny: echoes of poetic terrorism answered back: mind volume under the fan pump rule: strange how dust settles in patterns on bald heads: strange how love grows bald when both parents are dead: her intellectual limits inevitably crop up: he wasn't a REALLY good person: the suffering covers over their suffering somehow: run to the tree line: epenthesis clustered around simplification: this may be noted without bias: a pretty piece of flesh she was: death married love to immediately become castrated: drip drip drip the meaning: civil blood was spilt in torrents of drops: their numbers were severely underestimated: of course you know this means war: the last ring: finality: eschatology: new and improved brand or die movement: the final mystical point to the search for the name of the Unmoved Mover: whatever the point is we must choose now: no time to lose: to name a name here is no phone call to the named: nothing rang so nothing answers: better questions are all the true answers ever are anyway: intimacy at the Bay of Pigs points a long crooked finger of blame: here for instance: the woman is not the weaker vessel: case by case: this case in point: on point: lower case boldface: the stress of penultimate syllables shifting shifts to infect crass modality: aged cheese tasting and these post modern DayQuil-Dimetapp experiences notwithstanding: post-addiction reconstructive deconstruction instructions functioning fine captain: particular varieties of longest lines can't be drawn straight at all: the efficacy of melatonin has been vastly overstated: space is warped: melting glass pungent odor slicing headache: the bent pane distortion hurts a blurry eye dizzy spell: stay out of my mind if you like to sleep at night: no rest for this sick window: "I'll sleep when I'm dead" he said with a grin in a dream in someone else's head: whoever will watch you play make believe should land a role in the murders too: don't be frightened little lamb: this is just my unmanned blood in the motion of poetry.
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