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Thrasymachus blog posts
April 11, 2019
by Thrasymachus, Jul/28/2020
I'm a little under the weather So to speak. Caught a cold methinks... (Or is this Covfefe-19 The novel TrumpVirus again?) Clowns are for children, but Clowns are scary. The Pope is for scared children, but The Pope wears a clown hat. Sometimes clowns are fun. The Pope is never fun. So maybe the Pope is a boring clown, or A sick clown. Or maybe its just the cold and flu medicine ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Once upon a time...
by Thrasymachus, Jul/26/2020
...back when I was called Sisyphus, I captured Death and put him in a cage. But for that goddamned rock and that goddamned hill....of course he had to be released. It was the only humane thing to do, giving back the gift of death (you're welcome, Prof. Derrida). (The deeper the water, the bigger the snakes.) On War & Peace and Wasted Potential: Wars waste people, and all their individual ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
"There are many questions that can't be aswered."
by Thrasymachus, Jul/20/2020
That's the post, the whole post, and nothing but the post on this CraigsList philosophy forum I just recently discovered. I responded thusly... "Darkness within darkness; the gateway to all understanding." ~Tao te Ching Professor Heidegger wrote and dwelled deeply upon, "Why is there an Essent?" Or more commonly asked as, Why is there something, instead of Nothing? I think the Tao's ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
What's a Bog Toad, Really...
by Thrasymachus, Jun/28/2020
The metaphor of the Bog Toad appears throughout the works of Nietzsche. It represents a silly old fool, repeating things other people say, sort of like the croaking of an old toad in a bog (I'm not sure if it really implies that they're bald and actually look like an albino toad, or if that's just a bonus of happenstance). They are truly incapable of original thought. They're better off ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Just do the right thing.
by Thrasymachus, Jun/12/2020
I was an MP in West Germany from '84 - '87, and I pulled my partner (who was a Spec 4) off a guy he was beating the shit out of on my first night (when I was an 18 year old PV2) of road duty. I did it in the heat of the moment without thinking about it. About a week later I yelled at one of my Sergeants "That's enough!" in a similar situation, where there was a bar fight and they turned on us, ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Saturday Afternoon Ramblings
by Thrasymachus, May/31/2020
There was a Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cream Pie near the checkout that was only 6.99 for the whole thing, and I wouldn't have gotten it but that the line was so slow and I had to stand there looking at that delicious thing for long enough that it ended up coming home with me. I get it home and put on my glasses and notice it says on the package, "Slice and Serve Pie." I'm like, slice and serve ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
as lockdown continues...
by Thrasymachus, May/23/2020
I couldn't help but notice that about a month ago someone wrote that we have completely over reacted to the TrumpVirus Pandemic, are wising up, and the lockdown is ending. I was SOOoo hoping that person was right for once. As of today, we have had over 92,000 deaths from it in the USA, and we have no real plan to slow this number down. We have a president who claims to be taking ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
My Dog Understands Conversational Language
by Thrasymachus, Apr/27/2020
For him to understand what people are saying, he only needs to be paying attention. You don't have to talk to him like a dog. When I'm on the phone, he listens in and gets excited if he hears me talking about something fun we might do. It got to where I started spelling things rather than say the words, and then he started getting excited if he hears me spelling words, so that stopped ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
new Rick and Morty episodes
by Thrasymachus, Apr/25/2020
So the newest 5 episodes that came out in December, the first time I saw them I was a little disappointed, but I rewatched them all over the last couple days, and I've revised my opinion. They're really good! There should be more new ones pretty soon, and I am much more stoked on that. Its nice to have stuff to look forward to.
April 11, 2019
"The Unbearable Lightness of Being"
by Thrasymachus, Apr/22/2020
I never saw the movie, but the title has been one of the more efficacious koans I have stumbled across. It has joined me in the shower, which is the location of a lot of my best contemplation, and in the minutes before I fall asleep, on many occasions. I’ve thought about what the author of it might have meant, and that I really should just watch the movie, but I’ve mostly just ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Saturday Afternoon Ramblings
by Thrasymachus, Apr/18/2020
I'm writing this now. Got my 2020 fishing license today. I like fishing. Its very peaceful if you aren't a fish. The Poo Sandwich Philosophy: Life is like a poo sandwich; the more bread you've got, the less poo you have to taste. You're reading this now. Why is there something, rather than Nothing? Really cold weather makes picking up dog crap way less heinous. The now is the ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
How Much Longer In Isolation?
by Thrasymachus, Apr/17/2020
I don't know about you, but it's really starting to get to me. It turns out that I am (or at least I was) a far more sociable person than I thought. OMG I could use a hug... How much longer will the economy be shut down? Hopefully it will remain shut down for however long that's the prudent thing to do, but still, will it ever fully recover from this? I mean, many small ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Not Sinking Into Depression...
by Thrasymachus, Apr/13/2020 know, because the whole stinkin' World feels like its coming unglued and stuff. Well let me tell ya, the weather here is not helping. Its snowing sideways outside right now! 2 days ago it was 65 (f) and sunny, all the snow finished melting into mud that looked likely to be drying soon, and now today a windy blizzard hits, and it feels for all the World that the end is nigh upon ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
by Thrasymachus, Apr/07/2020
This just in: The CDC is reporting that corpses of people killed by Covfefe-19, the TrumpVirus, are now reanimating and eating the brains of the living. The Surgeon General advises staying inside to avoid both the TrumpVirus, and having your brain eaten. President Trump welcomes this new zombificatory development, as Gallup shows him polling at 100% with people that have no brains. When asked ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
my old profile answer, in case you're REALLY bored...
by Thrasymachus, Mar/19/2020
An early snow; it's sticking some too, flocking all the blood red and purple Fall foliage white. Stacking up a little on the North sides of headstones. Do the dead know how pretty it is just beyond the soil's darkness an arm's length or so away? I doubt it, but in the quiet of the falling snow, I wondered about that this morning. I'm Rob. My spirit animal is Owl. I read a lot of philosophy (hence ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...
by Thrasymachus, May/09/2019 NOT the definition of insanity. If you don't believe me, look it up in a goddamned dictionary. I'm going to shoot the next person that repeats this stupidity to me (not really, probably not anyways, I mean, I've never shot anyone (but there's always a first time (hehehehe...)), yet). Scientists do the same thing and expect different results whenever their first runs are yielding ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
untitled thoughts by my (sad eyed) brother Redeyes
by Thrasymachus, May/05/2019
Why is there SomeThing instead of Nothing? The Big Bang The Universe Universing Enter Life, the Subject, the Being (This is all within the scope of Time/Space of course. The Being didn’t ‘enter’ from Nothing. It was always there). Life, Being, slithering through the goo, clawing its way up through the dirt, wiping the webs from its eyes. Ever opening its eyes. Enter the ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
"Know Thyself"
by Thrasymachus, Apr/07/2019
Arguably Socrates' most famous quote, and it mostly goes unheeded. Not always though, some people fearlessly look inside and don't lie about the sight. This leads to the loss of the Freudian (so-called) sub-conscious mind. That phenomena serves to let its owner off the hook for their behavior, so the loss of it places the agency for actions taken squarely on the acting agent. Responsibility ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Infinite Truth
by Thrasymachus, Apr/04/2019
If we define 'a truth' as any true sentence or proposition, there are infinitely many of them; in fact there are infinitely many truths within the confines of (the abstract language called) math alone. The possibility of uniquely ordered word combinations in the so-called natural languages would seem to indicate a similar infinitude, but the epistemology of such a claim is more dubious than it ... Read the whole post
April 11, 2019
Waka waka waka waka...
by Thrasymachus, Apr/01/2019
That's all Pac-Man ever said. Waka waka waka waka... It's like he knew how devoid of content the other words are mostly, within the context of their everyday utterances. Not always, no, but mostly. I wonder if Ms.Pac Man ever got bored with the conversation. There were so many asteroids that needed to be shot back then; maybe they were discussing how to clear sector 7b so they could expand ... Read the whole post
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