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Thrasymachus blog posts

"Summer Girl" by Type O Negative
by Thrasymachus, Feb/14/2019
Her golden hair moving as the wind blows Full moon on a Friday night Little candle burning in the window Lets me know everything's alright Summer girl make me feel fine Always in the corner of my mind Kenny Hickey lying on the sidewalk Devil music from the house next door So I step on over his vomit Through the screen and across the floor Summer girl make me feel fine ... Read the whole post
Dear pretty ladies: will you be my Valentine?
by Thrasymachus, Feb/14/2019
In person though; I don't really want a pretend hypothetical Valentine. (Not into heart-shaped boxes that don't exist.) I'll buy you a drink! A double even... No strings attached. (Must like dogs - or at least one particular dog.) Hmmmm...
"On The Flies In The Marketplace" by Friedrich Nietzsche
by Thrasymachus, Feb/11/2019
Flee, my friend, into your solitude! I see you dazed by the noise of the great men and stung all over by the stings of the little men. Woods and crags know how to keep a dignified silence with you. Be like the tree that you love with its wide branches: silently listening, it hangs over the sea. Where solitude ceases the market place begins; and where the market place begins the noise of the ... Read the whole post
There's no life guard on the gene pool!
by Thrasymachus, Jan/31/2019
If you can live inside a slogan or mythology or little self-help story, you may be extremely simple, like a child. Children who never learn to use reason as they span time are simpletons. Simpletons may be born into their simplicity, or they may inculcate it through choosing belief over thinking, and some may believe they've found profundity in children's stories and they wish to be recognized ... Read the whole post
a short Nietzsche quote, but from memory, so please forgive any discrepancies ...
by Thrasymachus, Jan/30/2019
The defective personality takes its revenge upon whoever is unfortunate enough to meet it.
"A New Level" by Pantera
by Thrasymachus, Jan/24/2019
Now a new look in my eyes My spirits rise Forget the past Present tense works and lasts Got shit on Pissed on Spit on Stepped on Fked with Pointed at by lesser men New life Replaces old life Unscarred by trial A new level Of confidence and power Demanding plea for unity between us all United stand Death before divided fall In mock military ... Read the whole post
"On Child and Marriage"
by Thrasymachus, Jan/17/2019
"I have a question for you alone, my brother: like a sounding lead, I cast this question into your soul that I might know how deep it is. You are young and wish for a child and marriage. But I ask you: Are you a man entitled to wish for a child? Are you the victorious one, the self-conqueror, the commander of your senses, the master of your virtues? This I ask you. Or is it the animal and need ... Read the whole post
another new year unfolding
by Thrasymachus, Jan/16/2019
big pope baby jesus lover come down from somewhere up on holy high said bend over this here altar youngsters gonna pump you full of sunshine (shit of all sorts might've happened but only certain particular shit did) well it must've worked for sure i saw the virgin mary on my walk home i know in the bloody vomit in the snow where it fell out of me so briefly there before the smell ... Read the whole post
To Wall Or Not To Wall...
by Thrasymachus, Jan/10/2019
...That is the question, arisen out of the old tired lie that Mexico will pay for a big beautiful newfangled Great Wall, better than China's old one, separating the USA from the brown menace below it. He was lying. He's always lying. Now the government is shut down because of his lying, because he wants the American tax payer to pay for his insane debacle. Exciting times, these. The racists, ... Read the whole post
So glad its over.
by Thrasymachus, Jan/07/2019
The holidays are over; the days are getting longer. The hypocrisy is getting back to normal levels of nauseating. The Trump has shut down the dysfunctional government, as he lost his NAZI majority in the House - washed away in a very pink blue-wave. The human animals are so disappointing most of the time that when they aren't, the associated astonishment often outweighs whatever it was that ... Read the whole post
"Big-Jesus-Trash-Can" by Nick Cave
by Thrasymachus, Jan/01/2019
Big Jesus soulmates Trash Can Fking rotten business this Both feet in the bad-boot Stiff in the crypt Babay Like a rock Rock-rock-rock Big-Jesus soul-mates Trash-Can Pumped me fulla Trash (at least it smelt like Trash) Wears a suit of Gold (got greasy hair) But God gave me sex appeal Well-well-well-rock He drives a trash can He's comin to my town (rock rock ... Read the whole post
"Three of a Perfect Pair" by King Crimson
by Thrasymachus, Dec/29/2018
She is susceptible He is impossible They have their cross to share Three of a perfect pair He has his contradicting views She has her cyclothymic moods They make a study in despair Three of a perfect pair One One too many Schizophrenic tendencies Keeps it complicated Keeps it aggravated And full of this hopelessness What a perfect mess
"Release The Bats" ~by the Birthday Party
by Thrasymachus, Dec/24/2018
Whooah bite! Whooah bite! Release the bats Release the bats Don't tell me that it doesn't hurt A hundred fluttering in your skirt (Don't tell me that it doesn't hurt) My baby is alright She doesn't mind a bit of dirt She says 'horror vampire bat bite' She says 'horror vampire How I wish those bats would bite' Whooah bite! bite! Release the bats! Release the bats! Pump them ... Read the whole post
Almost over...
by Thrasymachus, Dec/23/2018
The holidays, 2018, the 115th Congress and with it, hopefully the openly racist NAZI-fication of the USA -all almost over; then we can all get back to our usual everyday mode of lying to ourselves. Yippee!
"She's A Killer" by Alien Sex Fiend
by Thrasymachus, Dec/18/2018
Midnight Snakebite Got me in the back of my neck Do you wanna take a ride in my limousine? Yes, of course you do Bleached blonde hair and big blue eyes Lives her life on the forty five Likes you better dead... She's a killer, yes She's a killer Likes you better dead than alive (Oh dear) Some kids cry and some kids laugh And if they're really naughty Give 'em an acid bath, ... Read the whole post
The Shulgin Scale
by Thrasymachus, Dec/12/2018
Alex Shulgin was a chemical engineer legally allowed to research psychedelic drugs. He created, synthesized and tested thousands of psychedelics (legally) over the years. He came up with a 4 level scale to quantify the types of experience, with +1 meaning you can feel a little something, +2 being a definite psychedelic experience but weak, +3 meaning you're frying balls, and the +4 I shall ... Read the whole post
"God is dead..."
by Thrasymachus, Dec/08/2018
Nietzsche's most famous quote - it doesn't mean he thought there was an actual living God that expired and is deceased; it was a social statement reflecting the loss of power of the Church. Science no longer needing to take into account not conflicting with religion. The universal fiduciary shifting away from the theistic authority, as governments did the same. He called all modern theism, ... Read the whole post
notta big fan
by Thrasymachus, Dec/04/2018
When one's family is nothing but tragedy, the holidays are nothing but a source of the sort of pain that makes it no wonder 'tis the season with the highest suicide rate. I'm also against dishonesty and find it odd we teach children to have faith in a Santa lie on this particular day, without too much thought to larger adult parallels of playing make-believe with faith in our lies. The idea of ... Read the whole post
"Gone" by Built To Spill
by Thrasymachus, Nov/29/2018
Hey Where were you today? How did you escape? The way no one gets away Because no one's gone Fate guided me to hate Invited me to take the bait Realized too late That I was gone Say How can you explain Person to the pain And then sickness to the sane? But it's all gone Most of us get riled up Justify the lies that we believe Not enough to disbelieve them I've been thinking ... Read the whole post
discerning fiction vs. non-fiction is difficult for some people
by Thrasymachus, Nov/20/2018
The story of the celebration of 1621 was made up in 1890. It is fiction. It was only after the First World War that a version of such a Puritan-Indian partnership took hold in elementary schools across the American landscape. We can thank the invention of textbooks and their mass purchase by public schools for embedding this "Thanksgiving" image in our modern minds. It was, of course, a complete ... Read the whole post

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