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Thrasymachus blog posts
This Time, Last Year
by Thrasymachus, Apr/13/2022
I woke up this morning at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I remember when that was how 'woke' was used in a sentence. A little metaphorically, you could say "well that woke me up to such and such...", but it's still in the same grammatical position in the sentence. The first time I heard the term "woke" in its new grammatical usage it was around 10 or 15 years ago and I was ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
My cat died.
by Thrasymachus, Mar/18/2022
Her name was Marzipan Monkey Kitten. She was 17. She was a good kitty.
This Time, Last Year
by Thrasymachus, Dec/27/2021
Apparently it began in a similar manner to Easter, that is, as The Church filling the need to create a holiday on top of the pre-existing "Pagan" holidays of the solar reality so the "Pagans" would stop celebrating the actual return of the days lengthening (in this case, whereas with Easter it was the equinox and fertility rites) in lieu of absolute bullshit. It really worked too... I love the ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Coyote In Heat
by Thrasymachus, Oct/16/2021
Chonq smelled her as we got out of the Bronco. He immediately began ignoring me and tracking her, then he disappeared into the forest at full speed. He can run about 40 mph through dense forest; apparently she could not, and he was on her in about 200ish yards. I'm even slower than she was, so I heard the commotion for about 5 minutes as I made my way over there through the dense growth, all of ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Two Bags of Snakes
by Thrasymachus, Aug/26/2021
Me: Oh shit, dude, put that joint out and eat it - we're getting pulled over. (my brother) Chris: Oh fuck, why? Me: Probably my expired tags. Chris: Damn... (eats half a hooter as I'm stopping) Cop: License, registration and proof of insurance please, sir. Me: (handing him my license) Officer, I'm not gonna lie to you; this piece of crap is unregistered and uninsured. Cop: (shining ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Behind the Glory
by Thrasymachus, Aug/07/2021
Emotionally charged: brutally honest even when I'm lying: a Skinny Puppy in a .45 Grave: yeah, I go back a long ways: Puck sometimes bore witness: we asked him over six years ago: bury white in kingdoms of pillow clouds: sounds of the Victorian era: the 45 hour University degree: service, relish, medium rare please: reborn under a veil of hypocrisy: traumatized while in the ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Punk Rock Salmon
by Thrasymachus, Jul/19/2021
It was Salmon spawning season, the end of November, and there were dark red Salmon fighting upstream and a red haired guy standing on the riverbank watching them in the red leaf carrying breeze stinking thick of dead Salmon. It’s me and I’m there to watch the Salmon spawn again and I don’t care how bad it smells – the smell is part of it – like the pain of a tattoo. I see thousands upon thousands ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Off the Clock
by Thrasymachus, Dec/14/2020
Aggressive piety: 1786: the duel: troubled by optical aberration: begrudgingly easy to use: the dollar: a restaurant in the center of an urban riot: slum residents and welfare reforms: two leading attorneys: the aspect of a strange hostile world: amoral sociopath: the 8th wonder indeed: her hair was in rollers: heavenly Presbyterian congregation: Quaker preponderance: closely ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Pound for Pound the Best Means of Production
by Thrasymachus, Nov/24/2020
A tough act to follow: especially after a heart attack: a natural caretaker: government: they made peace with the Indians: it seems all wrong to me: yet each believes his own: a deliberately plain style of living: unmitigated mockery: new evidence has surfaced since then: but it's a secret: how about oil at $2.56 per barrel: the wrong group in society pleased: the superficial pretend ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
by Thrasymachus, Nov/11/2020
Now suppose the term: yet there's still no endearment: existence of past irregularities: no skewing can be produced: whatever else is in the cards, this ain't it: precisely what can be done: some statements entail entailments: drug addicts hang out with petty criminals: it took from them their freedom to choose company with care: most idiotic and lily white with blue eyes: the secret is ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Canto 69
by Thrasymachus, Oct/24/2020
Midnight spider bite in the back of my neck: apply sexual themes at your own peril: forget the matter of dosage and merit: the bringer of death is awake: with an itchy swollen sight there on the hairline: I vacuumed a few and smashed two more before coffee: unable to eat this early: growth and decline cycles by: too simplistic: unpopular stands losing elections: extensive evaluations ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Concerning Developments
by Thrasymachus, Oct/11/2020
Imprison the dissent and controversy over moral freedom: now here, now there, and of course its always now: whole number ratios and all holes in one: algorithms for cult leadership and condemned transformations: intense false verbalizations and fake news ad hominem attacks: undercutting the impenetrable relationship between them: like when a far away smile interrupts one's paperwork: the ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Canto 66
by Thrasymachus, Oct/03/2020
Values and attitudes during the course of history: they are abstract and difficult: poverty of an artist and luxury of an infidel: evil justice is justice that no one can put to any bad use: nothing at all like black mail in the walls of a church: despite their best efforts and innovative retailing formats: amputating everything: no advanced security systems remained behind with the ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Only Matter
by Thrasymachus, Sep/30/2020
Space and time, and an exception to the rule: white collar fools with high collars: all day all foul small world indeed: needs be damned, but the trespass was immediately forgiven: section off the sensational intimacy and travel lightly please: grossly entertaining head and bone room notwithstanding: his father the doctor was on drugs even longer: traveling Panama into the tropical ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Endoplasmic Reticulum
by Thrasymachus, Sep/02/2020
TWISTED ORGANELLE STARTS TWISTING: the unreliability of reality: deeply concerned with change: defined by the way they waste their lives: they considered themselves defiled dancers: tied to strings of schemes of long dead puppeteers: often drunk in strident tones he walked: my stomach growls louder than a red faced preacher: talk about over reaching the scratching out: they've got your ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
The 4 best proofs that the Earth is flat:
by Thrasymachus, Aug/21/2020
1) That guy told Christopher Columbus Bugs Bunny, "Sheeza flat like a pizza, notta rounda like a meata balla." He seemed very earnest and sure about this assertion. 2) There is one spot in Las Vegas where you can look one direction to see the Eiffel Tower, and the other to see the Great Pyramid (oof! Take that, Big Globe lobby...) 3) Sarah Palin could see Russia from her back yard in Alaska ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
by Thrasymachus, Jul/28/2020
I'm a little under the weather So to speak. Caught a cold methinks... (Or is this Covfefe-19 The novel TrumpVirus again?) Clowns are for children, but Clowns are scary. The Pope is for scared children, but The Pope wears a clown hat. Sometimes clowns are fun. The Pope is never fun. So maybe the Pope is a boring clown, or A sick clown. Or maybe its just the cold and flu medicine ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
Once upon a time...
by Thrasymachus, Jul/26/2020
...back when I was called Sisyphus, I captured Death and put him in a cage. But for that goddamned rock and that goddamned hill....of course he had to be released. It was the only humane thing to do, giving back the gift of death (you're welcome, Prof. Derrida). (The deeper the water, the bigger the snakes.) On War & Peace and Wasted Potential: Wars waste people, and all their individual ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
"There are many questions that can't be aswered."
by Thrasymachus, Jul/20/2020
That's the post, the whole post, and nothing but the post on this CraigsList philosophy forum I just recently discovered. I responded thusly... "Darkness within darkness; the gateway to all understanding." ~Tao te Ching Professor Heidegger wrote and dwelled deeply upon, "Why is there an Essent?" Or more commonly asked as, Why is there something, instead of Nothing? I think the Tao's ... Read the whole post
This Time, Last Year
What's a Bog Toad, Really...
by Thrasymachus, Jun/28/2020
The metaphor of the Bog Toad appears throughout the works of Nietzsche. It represents a silly old fool, repeating things other people say, sort of like the croaking of an old toad in a bog (I'm not sure if it really implies that they're bald and actually look like an albino toad, or if that's just a bonus of happenstance). They are truly incapable of original thought. They're better off ... Read the whole post
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