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Thrasymachus blog posts

"She's A Killer" by Alien Sex Fiend
by Thrasymachus, Dec/16/2018
Midnight Snakebite Got me in the back of my neck Do you wanna take a ride in my limousine? Yes, course you do Bleached blonde hair and big blue eyes Lives her life on the forty five Likes you better dead... She's a killer, yes She's a killer Likes you better dead than alive (Oh dear) Some kids cry and some kids laugh And if they're really naughty Give 'em an acid bath, ... Read the whole post
The Shulgin Scale
by Thrasymachus, Dec/12/2018
Alex Shulgin was a chemical engineer legally allowed to research psychedelic drugs. He created, synthesized and tested thousands of psychedelics (legally) over the years. He came up with a 4 level scale to quantify the types of experience, with +1 meaning you can feel a little something, +2 being a definite psychedelic experience but weak, +3 meaning you're frying balls, and the +4 I shall ... Read the whole post
"God is dead..."
by Thrasymachus, Dec/08/2018
Nietzsche's most famous quote - it doesn't mean he thought there was an actual living God that expired and is deceased; it was a social statement reflecting the loss of power of the Church. Science no longer needing to take into account not conflicting with religion. The universal fiduciary shifting away from the theistic authority, as governments did the same. He called all modern theism, ... Read the whole post
notta big fan
by Thrasymachus, Dec/04/2018
When one's family is nothing but tragedy, the holidays are nothing but a source of the sort of pain that makes it no wonder 'tis the season with the highest suicide rate. I'm also against dishonesty and find it odd we teach children to have faith in a Santa lie on this particular day, without too much thought to larger adult parallels of playing make-believe with faith in our lies. The idea of ... Read the whole post
"Gone" by Built To Spill
by Thrasymachus, Nov/29/2018
Hey Where were you today? How did you escape? The way no one gets away Because no one's gone Fate guided me to hate Invited me to take the bait Realized too late That I was gone Say How can you explain Person to the pain And then sickness to the sane? But it's all gone Most of us get riled up Justify the lies that we believe Not enough to disbelieve them I've been thinking ... Read the whole post
discerning fiction vs. non-fiction is difficult for some people
by Thrasymachus, Nov/20/2018
The story of the celebration of 1621 was made up in 1890. It is fiction. It was only after the First World War that a version of such a Puritan-Indian partnership took hold in elementary schools across the American landscape. We can thank the invention of textbooks and their mass purchase by public schools for embedding this "Thanksgiving" image in our modern minds. It was, of course, a complete ... Read the whole post
"I Would Hurt A Fly" by Built To Spill
by Thrasymachus, Nov/17/2018
I can't get that sound you make out of my head I can't even figure out what's making it No one else around even seems to be noticing It's only small enough for me I can't get that sound you make out of my head I can't even figure out what's making it It feels like fingernails across the moon Or do you rub your wings together There's a mean bone in my body It's connected to the problems ... Read the whole post
I'm invisible
by Thrasymachus, Nov/17/2018
That's the reason nobody can see me. I am an experience of Being, and all anyone ever sees is the coarse residue I leave behind my moment of experience, and people think that is me, but it isn't - it can't be - it never is. I'm haunting space near that thing, that visible trace residue people think is me, but that is about it. If these mood swings don't kill me first I plan on exploring this ... Read the whole post
didn't see it coming
by Thrasymachus, Nov/16/2018
don't you think I really am Ive got to know if you can see me Late last summer, don't you know I saw it coming I thought I re-found an old friend But I didnt. Now I feel a way I had been trying to forget Do you really ever understand? Late last summer, don't you know It was a bummer before it got a little out of hand Why does it always ever feel the ... Read the whole post
(this box triggered a forced title onto something that needs none - its very insistent)
by Thrasymachus, Nov/12/2018
Mountains wait the valley's fate, rocks persist, mist diffuses; cliffs resist the wave's swell, winds dwell, blessing muses.
Randy Described Eternity
by Thrasymachus, Nov/10/2018
Every thousand years This metal sphere Ten times the size of Jupiter Flies just a few yards past the Earth You climb on your roof And take a swipe at it With a single feather And you do it once every thousand years Until you've worn it down To the size of a pea Yeah, I'd say that's a long time But it's only half a blink in the place we're going to be Where you going to ... Read the whole post
Take it from me...
by Thrasymachus, Nov/07/2018
I cannot be stolen from any longer Go ahead- just take it 'Twas always only temporary anyways And it would appear you needed it More than I ever did So just take it - take it all I'm not poor enough to give you anything You're going to have to take it yourself (Fleeting oblique half-assed back-bite To be sure) my temporary stewardship Made demands on my blasted(!) freedom, and I'd ... Read the whole post
just a thought...
by Thrasymachus, Oct/25/2018
As a dear friend of God and profoundest enemy of the dogmas that keep primates separated from my Most Beloved Friend, I just wanted to say that should your conscious evolution be in such a myth-based stage that you countenance an actual existentially real Satan, you should pray for him. Pray he reunites with his Creator, that his heart finds love and fulfillment and he stops hurting so bad that ... Read the whole post
An Early Snow...
by Thrasymachus, Oct/21/2018
It's sticking some too, Flocking all the blood red And purple Fall foliage White. Stacking up a little On the North sides of headstones. Do the dead know how pretty it is Just beyond the soil's darkness An arm's length Or so away? I doubt it, but In the quiet of the falling snow I wondered about that This morning.
"Dogs" also by the one and only Roz Williams
by Thrasymachus, Oct/20/2018
Have the virgins with their honesty guarantee We move like vandals down darkened streets And talk like dime store novels Shining blackness in our one track eye Shining blackness in our one track mind Shining blackness in our one track eyes Just like, grabbed by lightning corners Just like cannibals, we must be starving... With the jobless scandals of society With their churlish ... Read the whole post
"Spiritual Cramp" written by (the immortal) Roz Williams
by Thrasymachus, Oct/19/2018
Incurable disease on the day of rest Walking on water in a sea of incest I've got an image of Jesus embedded on my chest I can't leave home without my bullet proof vest Killing myself for the perfect honeymoon Fighting with scorpions tied around my neck I hear the pitter patter of a killer on the loose Children use their fingers instead of words Crosses burn your temples on slaughter ... Read the whole post
by Thrasymachus, Oct/15/2018
And like a stream of blood flowing Flowing out and straight My pain drives me to the sea To seek solace in her permanence To find my way home Unlike me she's never lost Unlike me she cannot hurt Unlike me she knows her role To tirelessly polish the sands of time So I may measure hours in a glass And watch them fade away I look for my reflection in the sand See only time endless and ... Read the whole post
In the beginning there was
by Thrasymachus, Oct/09/2018
Any story starting like this just isnt thinking things all the way through. Perhaps their authors have failed to contemplate the nature of the Nothing - the possibility of the Nothing to ask why there is something instead of nothing and to answer that but if there had ever been this sort of complete and total Nothing it would still hold sway (Im talking about the sort of Nothing where ... Read the whole post
My Kharma Ran Over Your Dogma
by Thrasymachus, Oct/08/2018
I am sorry for being a dick. There are certain things one must suffer in silence. Thank you for teaching me this and giving me an opportunity to grow today, as a human being, and I shall not be your foil any further.
Would you be surprised
by Thrasymachus, Oct/01/2018
Would it shock you to find out that there are enlightened chimps or orangutans somewhere, or ex-chimps and/or ex-orangutans in unmarked graves somewhere, as the result of CIA (or worse and more secret agencies) psychotropic drug experimentation? And what if we observed wild primates gathering in groups, on their own volition, on the Solstices - eating shrooms and tripping balls and dancing all ... Read the whole post

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