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Thrasymachus blog posts
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...
by Thrasymachus, May/09/2019 NOT the definition of insanity. If you don't believe me, look it up in a goddamned dictionary. I'm going to shoot the next person that repeats this stupidity to me (not really, probably not anyways, I mean, I've never shot anyone (but there's always a first time (hehehehe...)), yet). Scientists do the same thing and expect different results whenever their first runs are yielding ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
untitled thoughts by my (sad eyed) brother Redeyes
by Thrasymachus, May/05/2019
Why is there SomeThing instead of Nothing? The Big Bang The Universe Universing Enter Life, the Subject, the Being (This is all within the scope of Time/Space of course. The Being didn’t ‘enter’ from Nothing. It was always there). Life, Being, slithering through the goo, clawing its way up through the dirt, wiping the webs from its eyes. Ever opening its eyes. Enter the ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
Cold and Flu Meds Find a Voice: more (mental [than {your ~petdonkeyjacketpotato$piel~)}]
by Thrasymachus, Apr/30/2019
I'm a little under the weather so to speak. Caught a cold methinks... Clowns are scary. The Pope wears a clown hat. Sometimes clowns are fun. The Pope is never fun. So maybe the Pope is a sick clown. Or maybe its just the cold and flu medicine talking again (and tagging along with the potato salad, ribs ((((showing)))) & tinnitus comes something to brag about at ol' Bubba's ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Burning Skies" by Tones On Tail
by Thrasymachus, Apr/13/2019
And the air was alive With piercing sound and burning skies The horror did me good, The magic was on my side And hot and cold ideas Were running onto your eyes Your sinking grey eyes She shook his head like so much meat The horror did me good Time to exercise Like ice about to melt You empty yourself of everything It's cold and grey again Your body begins to fall The colour ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Do you prefer to spend all the money you have or to save it?"
by Thrasymachus, Apr/10/2019
The wording on the question is cracking me up - it's the word "all" that's hitting my funny bone. I guess it's possible to spend ALL your money, but it would suck between pay periods. And to save ALL your money, I guess you'd have to live on a fully paid for farm or off the grid, maybe as a squatter, squatting, spending time hunting and collecting and saving for what? Hilarious! I saved up ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Know Thyself"
by Thrasymachus, Apr/07/2019
Arguably Socrates' most famous quote, and it mostly goes unheeded. Not always though, some people fearlessly look inside and don't lie about the sight. This leads to the loss of the Freudian (so-called) sub-conscious mind. That phenomena serves to let its owner off the hook for their behavior, so the loss of it places the agency for actions taken squarely on the acting agent. Responsibility ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
Infinite Truth
by Thrasymachus, Apr/04/2019
If we define 'a truth' as any true sentence or proposition, there are infinitely many of them; in fact there are infinitely many truths within the confines of (the abstract language called) math alone. The possibility of uniquely ordered word combinations in the so-called natural languages would seem to indicate a similar infinitude, but the epistemology of such a claim is more dubious than it ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What special talents and inclinations do you have?"
by Thrasymachus, Apr/02/2019
So tempted to give an X-rated answer to this; and that points directly at a special talent and inclination of mine to deconstruct the linguistic carriers of meaning to illustrate their inherent ambiguities (which may be a long-worded way to say that I'm a smart ass). Confused
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
Waka waka waka waka...
by Thrasymachus, Apr/01/2019
That's all Pac-Man ever said. Waka waka waka waka... It's like he knew how devoid of content the other words are mostly, within the context of their everyday utterances. Not always, no, but mostly. I wonder if Ms.Pac Man ever got bored with the conversation. There were so many asteroids that needed to be shot back then; maybe they were discussing how to clear sector 7b so they could expand ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Do you like to give presents?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/31/2019
Yes, but not on appointed holidays. Sometimes I'll give what I call a Happy Birfmas Present to friends and fam, Birfmas knocking out birthday and Christmas obligations at once; but since I don't feel those obligations, it's even cheekier, in the ironic tradition of cheekyness of course. A friend of mine likes giving people the most awkward presents, like some huge painting that now, you ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Can you cook? If so, then write your favorite recipe."
by Thrasymachus, Mar/29/2019
Can I cook? CAN I COOK?!?!?! Well hells yes I can cook!!! ~-~-~-~- DRAGON CLAWS -~-~-~-~ You will need, large fresh jalapeno peppers, thick cut bacon, cheese (I prefer smoked aged cheddar, but whatever you prefer based on personal taste and availability should suffice), and 2 skewer sticks per 4 Dragon Claws. Slice open the peppers and carefully destroy their ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What present would you like to get for your birthday this year?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/26/2019
How about a '73 Pantera.
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
No Collusion
by Thrasymachus, Mar/25/2019
It seems all a body would need to know is that an e-mail from the Russians claiming dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of their ongoing support of the Trump campaign was responded to by Jr. with, "If it's what you say it is, I love it!" This response of course led, unawares to The Donald, to the meeting in Trump Tower (and here is where we get to KNOW there was no possibility of collusion) where ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
by Thrasymachus, Mar/24/2019
The March Basho just ended. Hakuho tore off 15 wins in a row to take home the Emperor's Cup, again; a career pinnacle sort of performance for every other rikishi, and just another perfect tourney for the Ichiban man. I'm surprised more people here (in the USA) don't follow Sumo. We definitely support the other combat sports, and it's so old and full of honor and tradition, an exploration of ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"WAX" by 45 Grave
by Thrasymachus, Mar/22/2019
Dead like a piece of old wax, Non existing and all burned out Thrown away and broken Unwanted and unloved It's takes all things to be like wax Useless and unwanted A cruel way to end But its essential to the way of life Just like a piece of wax Molded and hardened Lit and extinguished with a blow Nothing but wax Existing for the benefit of being blown out Melt me down Existing for ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What is your best life achievement you can already boast?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/18/2019
(This one is really tough.) So far as Western societal capitalistic achievement goes, I have walked away from it long ago, as from a thumb sucking companion comfort blanket outgrown and no longer missed. Um I guess the things I would name for an answer aren't generally looked at by the general population as life achievements, so I'll say that I am proud of the level to which I have developed my ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"Are you a pessimistic or an optimistic person?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/17/2019
No. I'm more of a realistic person, with some measure of freedom from cliche false dichotomies of our historical human contrivance.
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What type of TV programs do you like most?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/13/2019
(This question is better...) Cartoons, sports, and news, but only certain cartoons (like Rick and Morty, South Park, Aqua Teen), certain sports (Sumo, MMA, Boxing, and Hockey), and actual news (PBS Newshour, Face the Nation, Rachel Maddow, etc). (...easily answered and still somewhat revealing.)
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What real monthly revenue do you dream of?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/11/2019
(Lame question number infinity...) I'm guessing that "real monthly revenue" refers to take home pay, and I don't have dreams of wealth really. Right now I have NO BILLS as the big perky part of my salary/perks package, as in no rent to pay, no phone bill, no electric bill, no gas bill, no cable or internet bill; and my take home pay after taxes (gotta buy my share of bombs and bullets and tax ... Read the whole post
January 2019 - Rice Lake Wisconsin
"What talent would you like to develop?"
by Thrasymachus, Mar/10/2019
(Props on today's question...) Painting. I paint. Pictures. I've never taken an actual hands-on art class; I do not draw well; I'm mostly unable to paint what's in my mind's eye; I would like to take a few classes and rectify that.
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